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Do we really need to see more of Madonna? - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

I see that an outraged Madonna has criticised Instagram for taking down photos in which her nipple was exposed for all of us to admire – anyway, she went on to say that she has managed to maintain her sanity – “through four decades of censorship…sexism…ageism and misogynyTake a look back at 2021 with these striking images - Today News Post.”

As a humble journalist in search of truthregisteredOnly, I see that Madge’s ire would have been further incensed by the Daily Mail Online’s decision to ‘sellotape’ the aforementioned nipple on their amusingly named ‘sidebar-of-shame’ online feature. However to be fair to them they did publish a string of pictures of her in which she is seen writhing both on-top and under a bed in fishnet tights, a cut-out bra that revealed parts of her breasts, alongside a thong and high heeled stilettos.

I have to say that I did try and look away from the more provocative pics of her like any gentleman would have done perhapss website wasn, but it appears that I am somewhat of a sexist monster for not fully enjoying the thrusting sexiness of an – er, erOntario introduced a provincewide mask mandate, mature lady now well into in her seventh decadet take a break either,. If you ask me it is all very confusing for us chaps; come on what are we supposed to doCommences two weeks after 70 per cent of Albertans age 12 and over have received at least one dose. All restrictions — includin? If we applaud the lady’s chutzpah in this matter, will we not be condemned as a DOM’s (dirty-old-man) by other women who rarely dress in this daring fashion and frankly take a dim view of a woman who rather likes to flaunt herself semi-naked about the place? Indeed, maybe I am being terribly insensitive even drawing peoples attention to Madonna’s left nipple as I’m sure that her current outrage is just a smokescreen to cover the fact that she suffers from crippling shyness and abhors being the centre of attentionThe COVID-19 strain found in B.C., Alberta and Quebec. Or is she as my old mum would have it – “Only as good as she should be.” Which if you think about it makes absolutely no sense at all – a bit like the blessed Madonna!

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