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At present, the domestic home decoration market is not standardized, which is an area in urgent need of consumer rights protection. Although the home decoration laws and regulations continue to be improved, many owners do not understand it, so let me tell you about the more useful rights maintenance tools in home decoration

first, many additional items and serious overspending make the decoration company pay the bill

owners often hope to complete the decoration of the house at a lower price, and the decoration company often caters to the owner at a low price in order to get the engineering order. Once the contract is signed and the decoration construction starts, the decoration company will adopt various methods and means, so that the owner has to accept many additional items, resulting in the decoration settlement being far higher than the budget

II. New rules for home decoration: the decoration company should be responsible for exceeding the budget by 8%

in view of the project overspending caused by the intentional omission of the decoration company, the "business service specification for the home furnishing industry" that has been issued for a long time has made provisions that are very beneficial to the owners. The specification specifies that the budget quotation of the project contract issued by the organization should not be omitted or understated in the project items and quantities

1. In case of missing report of engineering projects, the organization shall bear the corresponding responsibility

2. In case of underreporting of engineering quantities, if the underreporting amount exceeds 8% of the contract amount, the excess part shall be borne by the organization (except for the items voluntarily requested by the owner). This is one of the most eye-catching provisions in the new rules for home decoration. This is like a tight hoop curse, which will promote decoration companies to be more standardized. Therefore, if the owner encounters serious overspending caused by the intentional omission of the decoration company, he can ask for certain compensation according to this regulation

3. Try to avoid actively adding items. As the saying goes, there are policies at the top and Countermeasures at the bottom. Except for the simple sentence in the specification that the owner actively requests to increase the project, it leaves a loophole for the decoration company

4. Try to avoid actively adding items. Decoration projects include necessary projects and some optional projects. The decoration company can persuade and induce the owner to increase the construction project through later persuasion, which belongs to the owner's initiative to increase the project, and is not within the scope of overpayment compensation stipulated in the new regulations. Business owners should be alert to this practice, and it is best to be very careful in the design scheme and budget review stage, so as to avoid easy changes in the later stage, resulting in additional items overspending

third, there is also a way to make after-sales without worrying about intentional loss

many decoration materials will be used in home decoration. For materials, on the one hand, the owner will worry about their quality problems, on the other hand, the construction party will worry about intentional loss. There are also corresponding regulations to regulate these two situations

1. New rules for home decoration: Stores pay compensation in advance

in the past, when owners bought goods in decoration stores, there was always a delay in solving problems. It is also the first time in the "home industry business norms" that home stores should implement the first compensation system, return or compensate customers in time when goods have defects or defects, and still provide customers with corresponding after-sales and maintenance services after the seller leaves the site

the significance of this provision is that the owner does not have to worry about the problem of the purchased products, which cannot be properly solved. At the same time, it is also conducive to regulating stores and improving the management level of merchants

2. Large consumers: if the floor consumption exceeds 5%, you can claim compensation from the merchant.

malicious consumption of the floor: compared with the main decoration materials such as ceramic tiles and coatings, the floor is mostly installed by the manufacturer. According to the rules of the trade, consumers can return the complete floor after paving it. However, in order to prevent consumers from returning goods, some illegal businesses will use the method of increasing losses to make consumers spend more money, such as deliberately cutting more complete boards




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