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Decoration in rainy season has disadvantages and benefits

>& gt;& gt; Winter rainy season decoration precautions

all say that there are many unsuitable rainy season decoration, but as long as we make reasonable moves, we can still try our best to deal with it. Moreover, decoration in this season also has some small benefits

three problems

disadvantages 1 cement solidification is slow, and putty is difficult to dry out

construction in the rainy season will cause the cement solidification speed to slow down and appear unreliable. Water vapor is easy to form on the wall, and it is not easy to dry paint and putty

trick: transfer albino water into the paint to dry quickly. Albino water blending agent can be added to the paint to speed up the drying speed. Dry the damp water vapor with a dry cloth before puttying the wall. During the construction process, it is better not to put putty at the end of the project, and the time should be longer

in addition, when paving the floor tiles, the plastered cement will be affected by the humidity of the air, which will slow down the setting speed. Therefore, after paving the floor tiles, a gangway should be set up to pass

disadvantages 2 wood products have high moisture content and are easy to deform

the moisture content of wood products will increase due to wet air caused by rain or rain due to carelessness. Wood products are prone to cracking and warping in the heating season

tips: dry wood products before construction. When choosing wood-based panels such as blockboard, you should first choose the one with the latest production date. Such wood products have been dried. On the contrary, when choosing wood keel materials, it is better to finish processing for a longer time with low moisture content. Before construction, it's best to open the wooden products and air them for a while, so that the material is close to the indoor moisture content. In addition, the board should be protected from strong sunlight exposure

do not paint furniture in rainy days. Because a layer of water vapor will condense on the surface of wood products in rainy days. At this time, if you brush paint, the water vapor will be wrapped in the paint film, making the surface of wood products muddy

disadvantages 3 harmful substances are easy to remain

in the rainy season, due to low air pressure and slow air flow, many harmful substances will remain in the interior or decoration materials, which are not easy to volatilize

tactics: frequent ventilation to prevent pollution caused by decoration

in order to avoid being injured in the "high incidence period" of decoration pollution in summer, in addition to choosing non-toxic and less toxic decoration materials as much as possible, and inviting regular home decoration companies to construct, we should also do a good job in the ventilation of the decorated room

two benefits

benefits 1. Slow work and fine work in decoration

because the decoration in rainy season is in the off-season, the decoration workers do not have to rush the construction period, and can "slow work and fine work". However, some decoration teams, in order to attract business, attract people under the guise of very favorable prices, and even display the signboard of "one yuan to stick floor tiles" or "send labor"

tips: home improvement companies will not do business at a loss, but take advantage of the lack of home improvement quotation standards. For example, we should be careful with concealed works in order to replace the inferior ones and cut corners

benefit 2. The air contains less ash, and the paint film is well formed.

in rainy season, there is less dust in the air, and the paint film is well formed. As long as we choose experienced decoration companies and adopt effective methods, we can completely prevent future shrinkage, deformation and other phenomena

tips: in the rainy season, building materials sellers often increase their promotional efforts. Building materials products in the market are often cheaper, and you can buy more good things with less money




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