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Today, canoni home brings you a 78 ㎡ modern light luxury design case. The overall space planning is mainly open and comfortable. Let's feel this elegant and gorgeous quality life together

the owner of this 78 square meter small house is a person who pursues modern and fashionable life and has a high pursuit of quality of life. The overall space planning is mainly open and comfortable. On the basis of meeting the basic living space, it also makes the space appear more elegant and natural, and cleverly uses the space in a practical and generous way

floor plan


▲ the shoe cabinet with gray tone, with a layer of wood colored grid left in the middle, with hidden light, small potted plants and decorative paintings, you will see a warm and natural picture as soon as you get home

living room

▲ the whole living room is a modern and natural space. The TV wall is equipped with an anti light projection screen. Turning on the laser TV turns the living room into a home theater

▲ the black TV cabinet adds copper feet and decoration, white vase and a unique floor lamp, adding a bit of natural and elegant flavor to the TV wall

▲ light gray fabric sofa, copper casual sofa and chair, and black tea table make the space high-end and comfortable

▲ the sofa wall is dignified and elegant under the warm downlight with dark dado + marble

dining room

▲ the dining room is connected with the living room. The marble table and chairs, combined with the marble of the sofa wall, appear thick and gorgeous

▲ the bird shaped chandelier above the dining table, coupled with the leather dining chair with copper armrest, makes the whole space extraordinarily elegant and gorgeous


▲ the open kitchen provides a relaxed and comfortable leisure space for the owner with gray floor tiles and walls, gray cabinets, and a small zigzag console

▲ do not cook on weekdays. Put flowers on the console to increase the artistic sense of life


▲ the wood finish of the bedroom headwall is added with copper lines, combined with the bed with gray fabric texture backrest, giving people a comfortable and relaxed experience

▲ the chandelier in the shape of the moon, combined with the antique copper vase below, brings a solemn and elegant warmth and temperament

second bedroom

▲ the second bedroom is a multi-functional space. A sofa and a bay window can act as a small bed, and the desk can also be used as a study. The daily host can sit on the sofa and relax when he is tired of working overtime here

▲ when relatives and friends come, he can also sit on the sofa and chat and relax, relaxed and natural

▲ when there are guests at home, the sofa can be turned into a sofa bed when it is spread out, so that the small study can be used as a guest room


▲ the bathroom is in a white and elegant space, equipped with a blue wash basin, a circular backlight mirror, and a broken flower wall with quartz texture, making the space full of artistic elegance

canoni whole house home customization

static and moving freely, happy in the wardrobe

only customized for 18 backboards





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