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The application scheme for individual industrial and commercial households in the flying sound era

scheme background

with the development of communication technology, IP voice switch came into being. It has the advantages of convenient deployment, simple maintenance and good expansion performance. It is very suitable for voice communication deployment in the business environment of individual industrial and commercial households. From the perspective of individual industrial and commercial households, in order to save equipment costs, retain the original network environment and use IP phones or be compatible with the original analog phones, the flying voice era has customized application solutions for such customers

requirement description

for individual businesses (such as convenience stores, milk tea stores, restaurants, pharmacies, fruit stores)

1, compatible with the access of analog phones, without changing the original dialing habits

2. Compatible with the use of fax machines to meet the fax needs of users

3. It has AP function and provides convenience on wireless hotspots

4. Using the existing network wiring, no extra line is required

5. The wired individual industrial and commercial households can be reserved for use, and can provide a message prompt for incoming calls

scheme description

access the fta1101 adapter of the flying voice era on the user's original infrastructure. The fta1101 supports routing and AP functions, transmits wireless hotspot signals, and provides convenience for wireless clients. The connected fta1101 adapter connects with the voice switching server deployed in the third-party cloud for signaling, enabling the function. Whether the IP, analog or fax machine, the fta1101 can transfer signaling, ranging from radio, MP3 and fax services. The phone adopts fip13g and fip11wl in the flying voice era. Fip13g can be connected to the hotspot of fta1101 in wireless or wired mode. Fip11wl intelligent recording can be connected to existing lines, providing functions such as recording, incoming call welcome message, call recording, voice message, etc

related products

FTA in the era of flying sound she said that the 1101 adapter is a wireless routing device that integrates the types of materials it is suitable for and the number of types of materials makes people deeply impressed. The fta1101 adapter can provide an access point (AP) in daily wireless communication for the use of computers, iPads and other electronic devices. For VoIP end users, a FXS interface can well meet the needs of individual businesses for one-way or one-way fax. If more interfaces are required, they can be realized by selecting g504 and g508 adapters

fip13g telephone in the flying voice era is designed with high-end and grand appearance, which is very suitable for the shop facade of individual industrial and commercial households. The phone supports opus and G. 722 constant frequency codec, using noise reduction and advanced echo cancellation technologies, brings users high-quality audio calls. New UI design, simple and easy to operate interface; The adjustable triangle bracket can be adjusted on demand, greatly improving the user experience

fip11wl intelligent recording in the era of flying sound, so modified asphalt polyurethane is still the main direction of scientific research. It can be directly connected to the original cable of the user. The unique binding method can save the incoming call information of VIP users for convenient query, without missing any missed calls. Customize the prompt of incoming call welcome words to provide considerate service for the store

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