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Hejia ERP beer industry application scheme

I. particularity of beer industry informatization demand

1 The diversity and uncertainty of product formula make the manufacturing process more volatile, and the formula needs to be dynamically adjusted in the production process. 2. the complexity of cost accounting. Some products need to be converted into standard concentration or the landing degree of pure new energy subsidy policy to calculate the output and standard cost; Some need to consider joint products, by-products, etc

3. The equipment management shall ensure the stable operation and full load production of the equipment and production line, and shall be real-time and dynamic

4. The deep distribution mode has become a sharp weapon for beer enterprises, and the flat channel management is the trend of channel development

5. Competitive analysis has become an important part of the enterprise market work. It can timely understand the market dynamics of the most important competitors, and provide an accurate basis for the enterprise's market activities with high cost performance and market strategies

6. The frequent turnover of packaging materials has become a bottleneck in enterprise management. The information-based sales process must be accompanied by deposit management, bottle and box lending management, and box transfer management

7. The flexibility and diversity of price policy and discount policy have become the magic weapon of enterprise competition

8. A large number of remote warehouses have become the difficulty of unified management

II. Application scheme of Hejia ERP in beer industry

Hejia ERP has the unique advantages of overall design, integrated operation and in-depth process level management. The characteristics of industry management are fully considered in the application of beer industry, which is specifically reflected in the relevant functional design. The overall block diagram of the application system is shown in the figure below:

as the key point in the application scheme of Hejia ERP beer industry, its distribution management can be divided into the following six systems. These six management systems complement each other, effectively ensuring the need for Hejia ERP system to assist the distribution management of beer enterprises and realizing the purpose of seeking benefits from management

(1) marketing expense system: expense budget, activity application, activity execution, activity control

(2) marketing plan and forecast system: sales forecast, sales plan

(3) Order System: sales order, storage and transportation order, invoice posting, payment collection posting, finished product warehouse, gift warehouse, distribution management

(4) dealer management: inventory management Terminal management

(5) decision analysis system

(6) control system: warehouse operation authority, Department authority, workflow approval control, credit control

III. features of Hejia ERP beer industry scheme

1 Real time tracking of production process and dynamic adjustment of production plan

support real-time tracking of production process, automatic adjustment of next process time according to process conditions, support control and correction, support dynamic adjustment of production plan, etc

2. To meet the needs of accuracy of cost accounting

accurately understanding the energy consumption (water, electricity, steam, etc.) data of energy consumption objects (departments, equipment) at all levels is very important to strengthen energy management, save energy, improve the accuracy of cost accounting and reduce product costs

3. The whole process quality management from raw materials to finished products conforms to the national standard

the process or environment of the beer industry affects the product quality, and each process step needs to be strictly controlled. Paying attention to the real-time collection and analysis of process quality data is an important control means to prevent the production of more grade products and even waste products

4. The support distribution system provides convenience for testing under different experimental conditions; Complex channel construction, control and statistics of warehouses in multiple geographical locations and complex material transfer

support the transfer of national warehouses of the head office, and monitor in transit data through in transit warehouses and in transit transfer documents. The automatic picking of goods in the warehouse and the automatic warehousing of the opposite warehouse through the transfer order solve the problem of difficult monitoring of materials in transit

support the independent sales operation process of subsidiaries, and business processing can be carried out through order issuance

it supports the unified sales mode of the head office, and transfers the source of goods of subsidiaries through orders. The source of goods can also be directly transferred to any local warehouse of the head office

5. Realize dynamic and static dealers' in transit reconciliation

solve the problems of frequent sales, large amount of documents, lagging financial information and difficult financial monitoring in the beer industry through the management of dealers' deposits, accounts receivable and credit

6. Realize the complex price system generated by regions, customers and chain stores. The beer industry has a complex calculation process in freight calculation, sales price calculation, bottle box expense calculation and discount expense calculation. As a result, after general business personnel make orders, relevant financial personnel are also required to convert them into formal documents. The application of Hejia ERP reduces the manual calculation process and calculation error, and ensures the rapid and effective implementation of the sales system

7. Realize the automatic control of deposit management and lending management of bottle box packaging materials

Hejia ERP provides the concept of bottle box available quantity, that is, whether it is a deposit document, a bottle box return document, or a bottle box lending document, it can be used to pick up goods, return the deposit, and return the borrowed bottle box with strong distribution ability, which can easily control the bottle box circulation process, and analyze and control the lending of bottle boxes

8. Realize the control, supervision, implementation and allowance of various sales and distribution promotional activities

support the implementation system of bottle cap cashing activities and the automatic control system of post discount

support all monthly and quarterly rebate activities with frequent rebate

support the incentive control process and rebate for end customers

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