Application Research of the hottest Seiko 1000 ink

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Research on the application of Seiko 1000 ink (Part 2)

2 "performance test items and methods

performance requirements for silk screen marks and characters. See Table 2 for test items, test methods and technical indicators

3 results and discussion

3.1 printing film performance test results

hardness, water resistance test, salt water resistance test, acid resistance test, alkali resistance test and ethanol resistance test. The main tests are that the sex industry of printing film is the carrier energy to solve employment. Therefore, the stainless steel plate substrate is used for these tests, See Table 3 for test results

3.2 substrate matching test results

friction resistance ethanol test and adhesion test have different results for different substrates, which is defined as substrate matching test. The friction resistance ethanol test method is to use cotton yarn containing ethanol to rub back 50 times with a load of 500g, and the results shall be free of falling off and abnormal. The friction resistance ethanol test is summarized in Table 4

the adhesion test method shall be in accordance with gb4677 Test method for coating adhesion of printed boards shall be the tape method, and there shall be no peeling off when measuring. See Table 5 for the binding force test after summarization

compared with the first four (to be continued)

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