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The application prospect and trend of FRP in China's automobile industry

production practice and scientific research show that FRP composites are scientific and ideal new automobile parts materials. It will play an important role in the development of energy-saving and environment-friendly new cars, rapid upgrading and small batch production in the future. The rapid development of China's automobile industry has brought greater business opportunities to FRP composites. The automobile industry has become the pillar industry and high-tech industry of the national economy. The conditions for independent development of China's automobile industry are increasingly available, and some products have already met the basic conditions for independent development. Driven by the demand of automobile industry, FRP Composites in China will enter a period of rapid development. With the deep understanding of FRP Composites by people in the automotive industry and the development and improvement of FRP composites, the application of FRP Composites in China's automotive industry, especially in the car and truck industry, will have a broader application prospect

the continuous emergence of new models, the intensification of market competition, the continuous adjustment of national industrial policies, the continuous localization of multinational companies' automobile brands, and the continuous acceptance of OEM orders for global purchased parts have promoted more FRP composite manufacturers to continuously invest in automobile parts. On the one hand, it still needs to focus on the localized manufacturing of FRP parts of imported models. On the other hand, it needs to work hard on the upgrading of components of domestic models and the development of components of new models

reduce costs and expand application areas. Under the condition of socialist market economy, the competition is becoming more and more fierce. In order to further improve the application scope and depth of FRP Composites in the automotive industry, adapt to the needs of different models and different application fields, and reduce production costs, it is an important development direction

towards modular design. The research on general new materials and new utilization of parts and components will be modularized through the material research department, that is, multiple parts and components will be assembled offline together, or multiple parts and components will be combined into a whole, which is conducive to enhancing the flow linearity of the automobile contour and reducing the assembly volume. The modular form of parts and components, and thus the inspection of the oil delivery valve, has formed a revolution in the history of automobile manufacturing. FRP composites provide the precondition for the lightweight and modularization of automobile, and gradually expand to the direction of complex structure and large parts, which further reduces the development and production cost of automobile parts

development and application of new technologies and processes. With the strong demand of automobile lightweight and the need of overall production cost reduction, the development and improvement of new FRP process will be promoted

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with the continuous emergence of new models and the increase and improvement of the demand for FRP composites, it is bound to produce new topics and new risks, which are arduous tasks in front of relevant domestic manufacturers of automotive FRP composites. So far, the composition of China's entire industrial system still does not conform to the economic law. For example, there are more than 100 vehicle manufacturers in China's automobile industry, and most of the output is not economic scale. In this way, the required FRP parts can not be produced by SMC molding method, but are produced by hand paste method or RTM. With the combination of domestic automobile market price and international market price, the intensification of competition in the domestic automobile market is undergoing a cruel process of survival of the fittest, which leads to the decline of vehicle price, which will inevitably lead to the decline of parts price. However, the development investment of domestic auto parts is basically undertaken by each part manufacturer, which will inevitably bring relevant investment risks. At the same time, on the premise of ensuring product quality, the production cost of notched system on impacted samples can be reasonably controlled by strengthening internal management and improving process technology level, so as to meet the wave after wave of parts price reduction and remain invincible. With the internationalization of the automobile market and the deepening of competition, the quality requirements of the whole automobile are getting higher and higher, and the cost requirements are getting lower and lower. This can only be achieved through the continuous improvement and innovation of materials and processes by FRP composite enterprises

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