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The common sense of anti-aging that led displays have to know

LED display advertising media also has the advertising characteristics of high effective arrival rate. Compared with TV, newspapers and other media delivery forms, LED display prices are relatively low. These unique values make the full-color LED advertising screen media naturally become the upstart of outdoor media. Different from traditional outdoor media, full-color LED display is not just a simple outdoor media. It also has the characteristics of TV and other media, and then obtains the final data and advantages that users want through the calculation and processing of software programs. It has a larger creative space and a broader three-dimensional space for time-space interaction and communication with consumers. It can meet personalized needs, has the communication concept of the digital age, and is a unique screen form

we often encounter such problems when applying LED display. LED display works normally at the beginning of the product, but after it is lit for a period of time, there will be dark light, flashing, failure, intermittent lighting and other phenomena, which will cause serious damage to the product. The reasons for this phenomenon are:

1. When applying products, there are problems in the welding process, such as too high welding temperature, too long welding time, and not doing a good job in anti-static work. More than 95% of these problems are caused by the packaging process

2. Led quality or production process

the prevention methods are:

1. Control the welding process

2. Aging test of products: aging is an important guarantee for the reliability of electronic products and an indispensable step in product production. LED products can improve the efficiency after aging and help stabilize the efficiency in later use. Aging test of LED display screen is a very important link in product quality control, but it is often ignored in many times, and it is unable to carry out correct and effective aging. Led aging test is a countermeasure taken according to the characteristics of the failure rate curve of the product, that is, the bathtub curve, in order to improve the reliability of the product, but this method is not necessary. After all, aging test is at the expense of the life of a single LED product

led aging methods include constant current aging and constant voltage aging. Constant current source means that the current is constant at any time. If there is a problem of frequency, it is not constant current. That will be more than other countries in recent years, which are vigorously promoting the development of plastic recycling granulator industry and transforming the type of plastic machine product exchange or pulsating current. AC or pulsating current source can be designed with constant RMS, but this kind of power source cannot be called constant current source. Constant current aging is the working feature of * LED current and a scientific led aging method; Overcurrent impact aging is also a new aging method adopted by LED display manufacturers * to carry out this kind of aging by using a constant current source with adjustable frequency and current, in order to judge the quality life expectancy of LED in a short time, and to pick out many conventional hot-rolled plates and cold-rolled tank bodies, tank covers, pull rings and aluminum foil blanks to achieve stable batch supply, and hidden dangers that aging cannot pick out

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