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Answers to questions about the relationship between steel barrel coating and the environment

answers to questions about the relationship between steel barrel coating and the environment

1 question: the relationship between steel barrel and the environment

answer: since the 1990s, environment and development have become a focus of social attention. With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the voice of environmental protection has spread all over the world. Packaging, an industry closely related to human life, has also been more and more impacted, and the pollution caused by packaging has also attracted more and more attention. The packaging industry at home and abroad has spent countless efforts to reduce environmental pollution. However, the packaging industry, like all other industrial departments, has not solved the problem of environmental pollution, that is, the impact on public environmental health. After the packaging material completes its packaging function, how to deal with the waste. Environmental pollution in the manufacturing process of packaging materials, environmental pollution in use, environmental pollution caused by unreasonable product design and recycling after use are all problems that the packaging industry should solve, and they are all problems that the packaging industry should solve. According to a survey in the United States, the opinions of the environmental protection department on the packaging industry include the following three aspects: an experimental factory and a research and development laboratory in Oklahoma. First, it is believed that there are too many packages of goods, so we should try not to use or use less packaging; Second, we should try our best to recycle commodity packaging containers; Third, those packaging materials that cannot be recycled should be biodegradable materials, so that they can be biodegradable after use and will no longer harm the public environment. 3. The environmental protection department basically pointed out the development direction of global green packaging based on the opinions on the experiments that need to be done in a high temperature environment. Steel barrel coating materials and environmental protection for many years, the coating of steel barrels in China has not developed much, but has been improved from the coating process. Although many ways of environmental pollution have been reduced, the pollution caused by the coating process is still a major drawback in the production of steel barrels. In order to eliminate the pollution caused by coatings, many new environmental protection coatings have appeared in China in recent years. The use and popularization of these new coatings will make steel drums take a big step on the road towards green packaging. Pre coating is a great change in coating. It turns products from the final finished product coating to the coating of raw materials, thereby reducing the pollution in the coating process. At present, galvanized steel plate, tinned steel plate and color printing steel plate are dominant in the precoated steel plate. Precoating coating is mainly organic composite coating, which was first developed by Japan. Organic composite coating is mainly made of organic composite resin made of organic high molecular polymer and silicon oxide, and then added with crosslinking agent and functional pigment. China's iron printing steel plate is limited to tinplate, and the printing of ordinary steel barrel sheet has already appeared in foreign countries. Self swimming coating is a new type of waterborne coating developed after cathodic and anodic electrophoretic coatings. This type of coating is made of acrylic lotion mixed with carbon black and additives. Its lotion is made of acrylic monomer and styrene copolymerized in the presence of initiator and emulsion. Its characteristic is that it uses water as the dispersion system, does not contain any organic solvents, conforms to international management regulations, and is conducive to environmental protection. In addition, the prepared tank 2. When the material quality control fails, the liquid performance is stable, convenient for construction and operation, and belongs to a cleaning process, which is conducive to the health and safety of employees. Adhesive coating is a kind of polymer film coated with color coating and binder. Because of its good durability and weather resistance, it can be easily pasted on the outer surface of the barrel. Because it replaces solvent based liquid paint, it is a new type of paint with revolutionary significance for environmental protection. Due to its convenient use and simple operation, this coating has been widely used in Japan and the United States, and it is expected that it will be popularized in China in the near future

2q: what are the problems related to import and export packaging commodity inspection

answer: there are many problems in the packaging of China's import and export commodities. In recent years, with the entry of WTO and the increase of foreign trade, there are more problems. But so far, it has not been highly valued and improved. Mainly commodity manufacturers and packaging manufacturers are disgusted with the supervision and inspection of the commodity inspection bureau. They know that they can't get along with themselves, so they mainly deal with it. Sometimes the packaging products submitted for inspection are of good quality, but the packaging products used in large quantities are often of poor quality. The author has visited many packaging factories. Most people don't even understand the most basic commodity inspection common sense. Knowing these things is the business of the commodity inspection department and has nothing to do with themselves. Therefore, problems continue to appear, unabated. For this reason, the author sorts out the problems related to import and export packaging 1. Commodity inspection with very high precision of various equipment as follows, hoping to provide useful help to packaging producers. 1、 The importance of commodity packaging conditions in import and export transactions. Except for a few commodities that can be packed naked (such as wood, aluminum ingots, pig iron) and in bulk (such as wheat, sugar, mineral sand), certain packaging is required. The main function of packaging for commodities is to protect commodities and facilitate transportation, storage, distribution, sales and consumption. Packaging is also a means to increase the added value of goods and expand sales. The packaging of export commodities should meet the requirements of science, economy, firmness, beauty and marketability. This is because: (1) at present, export commodities are mainly transported by sea, which is characterized by long transportation time and great climate change. Therefore, commodity packaging must be scientifically managed according to the characteristics of various commodities, and must be suitable for long-distance transportation. For example, fresh food packaging should have ventilation pores, and the pores of inner and outer layers of packaging must meet the requirements of mutual ventilation. Fragile glassware, ceramics, enamel products, etc. must have good lining and spacer pads to prevent crushing. If the outer package of goods is wooden cases or cartons, attention should be paid to hooping and strengthening, which can withstand stacking, so as to prevent the outer package from cracking and spreading during loading and unloading. ⑵ practical and beautiful packaging is to meet the needs of international market competition, and convenient transportation (such as suitable for container and pallet transportation) and convenient display (such as small packaging suitable for supermarket display) are also necessary conditions for expanding sales. In addition, it should also comply with the requirements or restrictions of the importing country on commodities. For example, some countries do not allow the import of gunny bags, and some countries do not allow straw as a cushion, etc. (3) packaging is a means to increase the added value of commodities. Therefore, under the conditions of scientific, firm, beautiful and marketable, the packaging of commodities must also be calculated carefully to increase the actual economic benefits after improving the packaging of export commodities. The packaging of imported goods is also of great significance to ensure the safe and timely arrival of imported materials, and play a role in production and construction and convenient consumption. In the negotiation, signing and performance of the transaction, we should take it seriously, choose correctly and clarify the packaging conditions

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