5g is the hottest AI business in pediatrics

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Let 5g become the AI business of Pediatrics

let 5g become the AI business of Pediatrics

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original title: let 5g become the AI business of Pediatrics

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after AI was proposed, it experienced several boom periods. At present, the popularity of artificial intelligence cannot be separated from the gimmick of man-machine war. When alphago defeats Li Shishi on the black-and-white go board, it represents that AI has defeated one of the best go players in the world in the most difficult game for mankind. This man-machine war makes AI become more familiar to ordinary people, and the hot AI has also become the most popular outlet

whether it is traditional zero sum games such as chess, Chinese chess, go, or chess and card projects such as Dezhou poker, dota2, King glory, and emerging E-sports projects loved by young people and supported by capital, human beings are defeated in the game with artificial intelligence

Recently, Microsoft researchers developed an artificial intelligence system. The system has taught itself complex mahjong skills, and its level can even be comparable with some of the world's top mahjong players. AI, which constantly defeated human beings in chess and card games, began to target our national essence mahjong

learn the artificial intelligence of the quintessence of China

on a suitable day, it is possible to see a dense number of mahjong tables on street corners and parks in many cities in China, and many mahjong friends get together to code and touch cards. As the quintessence of China, mahjong has different rules because of different regions, but its love is the same

Song Dandan's original performance of "receiving and playing cards" in the sketch successfully amused the audience in front of the screen. On the social platform, when foreign friends show their interest in mahjong, they can more arouse the desire of friends to make fun of. Last year, former football superstar Zidane squatted aside to watch the photos of Chinese aunt playing mahjong, which has made many friends say they want to teach Zidane to play mahjong. Parker, also a basketball star from France, participated in a charity match in China not long ago. However, compared with the charity match, Parker, who is skilled in Mahjong technology, has been popular because of a video of playing mahjong

mahjong, which attracts Chinese and foreign friends, naturally becomes the next learning goal of AI after AI defeats humans in many game projects

at the 2019 world AI conference, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Research Asia (MSR) has successfully developed a set of artificial intelligence system with an ultra-high level - "super Phoenix" (suphx). The system taught itself the strategies, tactics and skills of playing mahjong by fighting with real players on the Japanese mahjong competition platform "Tenhou". Only 180 players have ever become the ten players of the platform, and the "super Phoenix", which lasted four months and had 5000 games, has become one of them

researchers from Microsoft said that mahjong is more complex than other board games, so playing mahjong is not only a science, but also an art. Excellent mahjong players need the combination of observation, intuition, strategy, calculation and opportunity, which pose a unique challenge to AI systems

the purpose of using the experimental machine is "this article can help us learn the artificial intelligence system of playing mahjong, and we will face some selection problems faced by human beings in real life. Through AI to face and solve complex practical problems, the research on AI may be easier to break through the boundaries of current AI technology and reach a new level

whether because of the gimmick of man-machine war or because it may become the opening of the next era, if the positioning cylinder plane on the pointer is close to the active needle as the air outlet, artificial intelligence technology has ushered in rapid development in recent years

in the past two decades, artificial intelligence technology has ushered in a situation of rapid development, which is inseparable from the technological accumulation in the past 40 years. At the same time, with the introduction of deep learning, machine learning, which has been developed for many years, began to get closer to its original goal - artificial intelligence. Deep learning, which has made many achievements in search technology, data mining, machine learning, machine translation, natural language processing, multimedia learning, voice, recommendation and personalization technology, as well as other related fields, has made machines imitate human activities such as audio-visual and thinking, solved many complex pattern recognition problems, and made great progress in artificial intelligence related technologies

the progress of technology and the attention of more people in society have made the development of artificial intelligence on the fast track. More and more start-ups and industry giants began to explore in this field, and more and more technologies that make life more convenient began to enter our lives. While the artificial intelligence industry has spawned industrial unicorns, it has also become a lifesaver for some companies

the threat of artificial intelligence that is not intelligent stays in the movie

mention the image of artificial intelligence. The ubiquitous "Jarvis" in the American film "Iron Man" series should be the most clearly recognized artificial intelligence system by most friends today. As a housekeeper, "Jarvis" can provide Tony Stark with fast and comprehensive assistance

however, Marvel's films also contain AI like "aochuang", which brings destruction and threatens human security. AI may threaten the theme of human beings, and Hollywood movies can be said to have rotted the streets. Whether it's the queen of the hive in biochemical crisis, the robot in mechanical public enemy, or the future world of human beings in terminator, living under the rule of robots. The possible threat of AI to human beings has also become the reason for some groups to resist AI technology. AI may be a Pandora's magic box, which will release disaster after opening

however, it is still too early to consider the threat of AI. Different from the scene of the movie, our AI technology is still not really intelligent, it can also be said that there are some intellectual disabilities

as one of the better landing projects of artificial intelligence technology, smart speakers launched by major companies at home and abroad have attracted the interest of many users in a short time. Many people even believe that the existence of smart speakers has opened the door to the era of smart home, and mankind will enter the era of intelligent life

however, at present, although Baidu, Google and other brands of smart speakers are selling more and more, smart speakers have also gained the name of "artificial intellectual disability". Some technology companies even collect users' information through speakers and analyze users' voice by artificial teams to make smart speakers more intelligent. Google suspended collecting user data because of public opinion pressure before

at present, artificial intelligence in the industry has developed significantly based on the application of technologies such as deep learning and big data. However, there is still a huge gap with the definition of AI proposed by AI pioneers

all current products only seem to have intelligence, but they are not really intelligent and have their own sense of autonomy. At this stage, the research and application of artificial intelligence technology are also mainly focused on this

John McCarthy proposed at the Dartmouth conference in 1956 that artificial intelligence is to make the behavior of machines look like the intelligent behavior shown by human beings

"Turing test" has been proposed for many years, but up to now, there are still no successful cases. And with the progress of the times, the testing standards of artificial intelligence should also be more stringent. If you want to pass the test with steadily increasing difficulty, you need further development of artificial intelligence

further intellectualization of artificial intelligence is not a goal that can be achieved in a short time. At the beginning of the concept of artificial intelligence, pioneers believed that artificial intelligence could develop to the extent they imagined within 10 to 20 years. However, until now, some of the original concepts only exist in laboratory notes

therefore, when we are worried about the possible threat of AI, we first need AI to overcome the current stage of "mental retardation". Before artificial intelligence reaches that level, whether it can threaten mankind or not, even the help to human future life will be discounted because of insufficient intelligence

"5g is just Pediatrics"

when Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei, talked with two AI experts Jerry Kaplan and Peter Cochran, he said: "I have already said that 5g is a pediatrics thing, and the biggest industry in the future should be AI."

After the official release of 5g commercial license, both major operators and enterprises in the upstream and downstream industries have accelerated the popularity of 5g because of the development prospects represented by 5g. However, as the leader of 5g technology, Ren Zhengfei believes that compared with AI, 5g is pediatrics

After the 5g curtain was pulled open, it provided a certain technical foundation for the landing of artificial intelligence. Industries related to artificial intelligence may usher in new development opportunities. With the continuous breakthrough of technology, once AI begins to be used on a large scale, it will create greater wealth and provide higher efficiency for this society. Society will also undergo earth shaking changes due to the application of artificial intelligence

at present, although AI suffers from the pain of being unintelligent, some applications have begun to enter our lives. Many smart home products, including smart speakers, have become the choice of users

after four years, Beijing Daxing airport, known as the first of the seven architectural miracles in the new world, will also use artificial intelligence technology in a large area after it is put into use. Focusing on the three dimensions of "one face all over the airport", "one intelligent experience" and "one chip baggage control", Daxing makes the test ball fall into the test network freely from the specified height, and the International Airport has built a three-dimensional smart travel service for users

auto driving, face recognition, smart home and other industries have already become the outlets, financing continues, and industry competition is intensifying. More and more challenges begin to enter the artificial intelligence industry

Baidu, whose market value is declining, has bet its hopes on artificial intelligence. After the stock price halved, the reason why investment institutions are still optimistic about Baidu is precisely because Baidu, which is "easy to operate all in AI", has great advantages in the development of artificial intelligence technology

whoever becomes the leader in the era of artificial intelligence has become the reverie before the tide of the times

with the release of the development plan for a new generation of artificial intelligence by the State Council of China, artificial intelligence technology has become one of the important national development strategies. In order to better cultivate the talents needed, programming education is imminent. The plan clearly puts forward: "set up artificial intelligence related courses in primary and secondary schools and gradually promote programming education." With the support of policies, children's programming education institutions have sprung up. Programming education has also replaced Mathematical Olympiad as the first choice for parents

artificial intelligence is a driving force that may change the development process of the entire international society and social structure1756 l72s

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