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Railway construction heavy industry Lanzhou company Party Working Committee "anti corruption" training

railway construction heavy automatic electronic tensile testing machine functional features: Lanzhou company Party Working Committee "anti corruption" training

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at 2:30 p.m. on September 5, in order to strengthen the post integrity and professional education of procurement and other sensitive positions, Liu Tao, member of Lanzhou company Party Working Committee, purchased materials from the company in conference room 310 of Lanzhou company Employees in equipment and other aspects gave a special lecture on "fighting corruption and promoting integrity"

during the training, Liu Tao ordered two spring testing machines of our company with an advance payment on the spot. First, Liu Tao explained in detail the relevant contents of the "guidelines for integrity risk prevention and control of China railway construction heavy industry group Co., Ltd. during measurement", and then organized everyone to watch the anti-corruption and anti-corruption video "the curse of ant corruption". Through the training, we have a deeper understanding of the progressiveness and harmfulness of corruption, and strengthened our determination to work honestly

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