Dial mechanism of the most popular queue machine

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The dial mechanism of the whole queue machine


the dial mechanism of the whole queue machine includes two horizontal paddles arranged on the surface of the upper raceway of the whole train unit, and a double swing rod mechanism arranged below the raceway that can synchronously drive the two horizontal paddles to swing left and right. Due to the adoption of two horizontal paddles set on the upper raceway surface of the whole line of the queuing machine, which can form the upper wide and lower narrow raceway surface, and can drive the two levels, this technology can replace the traditional double swing rod mechanism with the paddles swinging left and right in the circuit etching process, so that the conveying of the queuing machine is gradually changed from multiple rows to a single row, so that the optimized formation of the results enters the packaging machine, The customer talked about visiting the experimental machine. The machine of our Jinan experimental machine factory looks solid, which makes the whole packaging production more smooth. When the packaging line is suspended or abnormal, the photoelectric induction switch on the double swing rod mechanism that drives the two-level paddles can automatically toggle the two-level paddles, forming another diversion raceway surface for industrial manufacturing, so as to ensure the normal operation of the whole line of queuing machines

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