Dfs60spro, the hottest security guard, made a gran

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Dfs60s pro, the "security guard", made a grand debut

dfs60s Pro security encoder is the first certified high-end incremental encoder of sick, which adopts functional security technology. In fixed and mobile security applications, dfs60s Pro security encoder can easily realize security functions. This saves a lot of time and cost, especially when the encoder is used with sick drive monitor

mobile applications

in any application requiring safe movement, dfs60s Pro safety encoder can provide reliable signals for safety applications, for example, for unmanned trucks with complex navigation requirements

fixed application

dfs60s Pro safety encoder has a wide range of potential applications in industrial environment. For example, it is used to measure the speed and direction of rotation for non automatic control professional experimenters. It can support the security functions required by applications and significantly improve efficiency and productivity. Typical applications include high-precision CNC machine tools, cranes, parallel lifting platforms, etc

dream combination to achieve higher security

through the perfect combination of dfs60s Pro security encoder and Flexi soft drive monitor, sick can provide a complete solution for strict security tasks that are required but not reached by everyone. These modules can be combined in many different ways to achieve a variety of functions, so as to effectively monitor the safety of sports

improve the safety of the machine

d and the cost is mainly the cost of materials and batch molding processing. Everything of fs60s Pro safety encoder is built around safety: reduce risk and improve reliability. It has obtained sil2/pld safety certification, meets the safety function requirements specified in the Standard IEC, and successfully passed the IFA test. Precise optical scanning system, high mechanical load capacity, electronic system and mechanical structure design ensure that the product can always meet the requirements of safety certification level

rugged design

d fs60s Pro safety encoder such as weak acid adopts a rugged design concept, which can withstand harsh environmental conditions. For example, the operating temperature range can reach -30 to 95 C. IP65 protection grade also enables it to be free from the interference of external environment. Wide inner ring ball bearings minimize vibration and ensure optimum concentricity

flexible application, easy to use

at the same time, dfs60s Pro is very easy to install, providing a variety of connection options suitable for different installation environments. Using sincos electrical interface, it can be easily integrated into a variety of control environments. In addition, because the system implementation is simple and the security authentication process is easy, this security encoder can also save you the cost of system implementation and security authentication

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