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As a partner of steinbichler optotechnik GmbH, the French service company Metra, a subsidiary of the genaris group, signed a contract with the National Museum of Arts and crafts in Paris to produce the lifelike 3D virtual model of Bleriot 11, which will be released by the CIRC on February 16, 2015. It is the first aircraft to cross the strait between Calais and Dover in 1909

this advanced 3D scanning project has two main goals: the data obtained on the virtual 3D model can be used to analyze the aircraft design in detail. For example, through imitation 2) the first half of this view is theoretically untenable. The real 3D model can understand the interaction between the driving mechanism and aerodynamic components. This can increase the deep understanding of the organization and operation. This virtual model is also used to make the advertising materials for the opening of the "unique and innovative" technology ploit (1909) special exhibition, which the lavion de l ex Parker company claims has developed. Louis leilio crosses the English gorge at the National Museum of technology. From the scanned data, realistic image animations were made on pages and educational videos to show the technical characteristics of the 100 year old aircraft

the original leilio 11 was displayed in the National Museum of technology in Paris, and all digital procedures must be implemented on site. Because fragile objects do not allow any contact measurement technology, only light is more favored by users, and learning methods can be considered. Using comet IV and comet 5 white light projection scanners, even wooden frames and wings, fuselage panels, driving mechanisms, including joysticks and hinges, and motor propellers can be scanned with high resolution

in addition to scanning particularly complex structures, new challenges have been successfully mastered by Metra - all digital point cloud data collection has only been carried out for three days. After digitization, the scanned data is placed in triangle lattice format (STL) behind the steinbichlercometplus software. According to the STL 3D CAD model, using the reverse engineering technology of different software tools, the arbitrary polygon surface can be converted into NURBS surface. Combined with 3D construction software, the integrated structure and functional components can be established. A fully functional model can be used for interactive simulation and animation. In addition, extensive technical analysis can be performed. It includes wind tunnel simulation, investigation of driving mechanism and variant wing, and the resulting aerodynamic flight behavior changes

in the next step, high-resolution rendered animation and educational videos will be used for pre arranged marketing. For further information about Leo 11, please visit the official website: (end)

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