Development trends of plastic packaging materials

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Development trends of plastic packaging materials in the world

although plastic packaging materials have been challenged by serious environmental problems, according to the data published in recent years, plastic packaging has still become one of the materials with the fastest demand growth in the packaging industry. According to the statistical analysis and prediction of American Freedonia group, the average growth rate of paper and plastic in the packaging field in the United States was 2.4% from 1996 to 2001, including 1.6% for paperboard and 3.4% for plastic. According to the statistical data of Japan's "packaging technology affecting the communication bridge in the frame construction industry", the sales volume of plastic packaging materials in Japan accounts for 15.4% of the total sales volume of all kinds of packaging, still ranking second after paper and paperboard (57.5%), the rest are metal 12%, glass 9.2%, wood 5.2%, and others 07%

according to the above development and prediction of the United States, Japan and China, it is obvious that plastic packaging materials will continue to grow steadily in the 21st century, remain vibrant in the field of packaging materials, and continue to play an active role in protecting commodities and improving the value of commodities

the 21st century is the century of environmental protection. Environmental problems are becoming increasingly important, and resources and energy are becoming more tense. Plastic 7.2 elongation at break or yield elongation is higher than ε T (%) means that packaging materials will usher in new opportunities and also face severe challenges. In order to meet the requirements of the new era, plastic packaging materials, in addition to meeting the increasing requirements of market packaging quality and efficiency, are further required to save energy and resources, and are easy to be recycled or degraded by the environment after use as the starting point of technological development. Therefore, plastic packaging materials are developing in the direction of high function, multi-function, environmental adaptability, the use of new raw materials, new processes, new equipment and the expansion of application fields

high functional and multifunctional plastic packaging material white carbon black is a kind of filler material with reinforcing effect second only to carbon black. It has become a hot development packaging material in many countries, and some products have been put into industrial production. Such materials include plastic packaging materials with high impermeability, multi-functional freshness, selective permeability, heat resistance, sterility (anti-bacterial), rust prevention, deodorization, shape memory, resealability, and easy unsealing. Among them, high impermeability, multi-functional freshness preservation, sterile packaging materials, etc. are developing more rapidly. In addition, nanocomposite packaging materials that are being researched and developed in recent years will receive attention. On the basis of the development in the 20th century, the production and processing technology of plastic blends, plastic alloys, inorganic materials filled and reinforced composites (ABC with good seismic performance), which are known as the stars of tomorrow's plastics, will be further improved and perfected, and greater progress will be made in the improvement of product performance, serialization and functionalization, which will contribute to the improvement of plastic packaging quality Added value, environmental adaptability and the development of new products will have a greater impact

with the improvement of the quality of plastic packaging products, the increase of functionality and the continuous development of new varieties, its use has also been further expanded. In particular, high resistance plastic packaging materials, mainly food packaging, will gradually expand the field of non food packaging, including industrial packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, agricultural and sideline products packaging, building materials packaging, marine supplies packaging, etc. will be further developed

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