The world's first commercial super high-speed rail

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The world's first commercial super high-speed rail will be located in the United Arab Emirates

according to digital trends, on April 19, Beijing time, just a few days after announcing that the experimental track distance in France was one step closer, hyperloop transportation technologies (hereinafter referred to as "hyperloop TT") received good news and reached a contract to build the first commercial super high-speed rail in the United Arab Emirates

on Wednesday, hyperloop TT and Aldar properties signed a "historic agreement" to build the first commercial super high-speed rail between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. According to the plan, the super high-speed railway is expected to be put into operation in 2020

hyperloop TT will not only build a super high-speed rail system, but also an innovation center and a super high-speed rail tourist center. The construction work will start from seih al sdeirah land bank in Abu Dhabi, close to the site of Dubai 2020 WorldExpo - which will attract a large number of visitors - and Al Maktoum International Airport

talal al dhiyebi, CEO of Aldar properties, said, "we are happy to cooperate with hyperloop TT, which will introduce one of the most revolutionary transportation technologies in the world to Abu Dhabi." He pointed out that the location of the super high-speed rail is of strategic significance. "In the United Arab Emirates, alghadeer is of strategic importance, close to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the two fastest-growing regions. We believe that the super high-speed rail technology will have a significant positive impact on people's lives. We look forward to this possibility becoming a reality."

like the pilot line in France, hyperloop TT plans to build the UAE's super high-speed rail system in stages, with a length of 10 kilometers in the first stage. After that, a super high-speed rail network will be built all over the UAE and surrounding areas

hyperloop TT chairman Bibop gresta said, "In this agreement, the conduit is very suitable for God's organization: the regeneration of the conduit has laid the foundation for the world's first commercial super high-speed rail to settle in the United Arab Emirates, with the goal of connecting Abu Dhabi, Alain, Dubai and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. With the support of regulators, we hope that the super high-speed rail built in the first phase will provide services for the Dubai 2020 WorldExpo."

Dirk ahlborn, CEO of hyperloop TT, said, "a visionary country like the United Arab Emirates is an ideal place to build the world's most revolutionary, efficient and fastest transportation system. The signing of this agreement marks a big step towards the world's first commercial super high-speed rail."

pneumatic tubes is a kind of transportation tool with "vacuum steel pipe transportation" as the theoretical core, which has the characteristics of ultra-high speed, high safety, low energy consumption, low noise, low pollution and so on. Because of its capsule appearance, it is called capsule high-speed railway, also known as flying railway and rapid railway (hereinafter referred to as "flying Railway"), and its train is called flying train. Magnetic levitation + low vacuum mode is adopted

the basic technical principle of super high-speed rail system consists of vacuum pipeline and magnetic levitation, which have been studied more mature. In the popular science works of the last century, the idea of using vacuum pipes to realize the high-speed transportation system has often been mentioned. Its basic idea is to reduce the air through vacuum pipes. 8. For the first time, the staff resistance of plastic tensile testing machine is used. At the same time, the friction of track is reduced through magnetic levitation technology to achieve a breakthrough in speed. The core idea of this system is to reduce air resistance and track friction, which is also the technical idea of ultra-high speed railway, which is widely recognized in the world

according to the basic principle, the train can continue to accelerate only by forming a positive force between push and resistance. Therefore, there is no need for an absolute vacuum, otherwise it will make the project difficult and the cost will increase sharply. Industry insiders said that in terms of pipelines, musk has abandoned the idea of using vacuum pipelines a few years ago and switched to low-pressure pipelines with less technical difficulty and higher safety; In terms of energy, Tesla's battery technology, combined with solar energy, will enable the super high-speed rail to obtain sufficient electric energy, cooperate with energy storage facilities, and drive for a week even without solar energy; The possible new passive magnetic levitation technology will make the technology safer, cheaper and more reliable

although magnetic levitation technology is not new, it is still very difficult to achieve a speed of more than 1000 kilometers per hour. In fact, the ground test speed of the super high-speed rail in the Nevada desert is only more than 300 kilometers per hour, which is even lower than the running speed of China's high-speed rail, and Musk's declared super high-speed rail speed of more than 1200 kilometers per hour has not been achieved even in the test. Moreover, once the pipeline is damaged due to earthquake, ground construction or terror, it is likely to cause the passenger compartment to collapse and a major disaster accident

at the Boao Forum for Asia held recently, Liu Hualong, chairman of CRRC, also said that CRRC has also done some forward-looking research in this regard. However, "from a new technology to a new product, and then to mass production, it takes a time process. Its particularity is to ensure safety and reliability. Whether it is pipeline transportation or the speed of 4000 kilometers, it may still have a long way to go before it can be really put into use in the future."

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