Deyang Litong launched the first domestic high-pre

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Deyang Litong launched the first domestic high-precision 1550 paper cutter

at the South China Printing Exhibition, Deyang Litong Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., known for its excellent product quality and high technical content, launched the first domestic 1550 paper cutter with an integral frame for large format and exquisite printing

according to xiongguangrong, general manager of Litong (Shenzhen) company, in the past, there were 1550mm wide paper cutters in the domestic market, but the previous equipment was mainly aimed at the corrugated processing field, and the requirements for accuracy were not high. The paper cutter launched by Litong company has a display accuracy of 0.01mm and a positioning of 0.025mm, which is unmatched by the large format paper cutter on the market in the past. Undamaged xiongguangrong, general manager, said, "this kind of equipment is completely matched for printing, so our requirements for accuracy are very high. This kind of equipment is developed to meet the growing demand for large format printing."

general manager Xiong Guangrong usually has three methods to judge the hidden dangers and faults of wood-based panel experimental machine equipment: look, listen and feel. He also introduced that this kind of equipment is produced by the patented integral frame technology of Litong company, and the stability of the equipment is much higher than that of the traditional split structure paper cutter

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