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Installation and commissioning of CNC machine tools

when a CNC machine tool is transported to the workshop, it must pass the installation, commissioning and acceptance before it can be put into normal production. Therefore, the installation, debugging and acceptance of the CNC machine tool with magnetic flap level gauge is a major link in the early stage of machine tool operation

it cannot be underestimated that after the machine tool is produced by the manufacturer, various needs and inspections have been carried out on the machine tool, and the machine tool can leave the factory only after passing the inspection. As for the high gloss black spray free material, it can provide a variety of material schemes, such as ordinary or toughened PMMA, pmma/asa alloy, ASA, pc/asa alloy and PC, medium and large-scale CNC machine tools. Because the machine tools are large and inconvenient to transport, it is necessary to identify and transport them to the user after collapse, and then reassemble and debug them before they can be used. As for small machine tools, there is no need to crash the machine tool according to the specification and size of the sample, so the installation, debugging and acceptance tasks of the machine tool are relatively simple. After the machine tool is transported to the user, it can be officially put into use after simple connection, machine tool degree adjustment and trial cutting, and the required things are also relatively simple. The following is an introduction to the installation, commissioning and acceptance requirements of small CNC machine tools

the contents of the preliminary device of a CNC machine tool include:

1. Select a suitable position to place the machine tool according to the requirements of the machine tool

2. Read the materials of machine tools to ensure the accurate use of CNC machine tools

connection of two wires

the main content of this part is the connection of the total power supply of the machine tool. The step of magnetic turnover column liquid level gauge is very simple, but if this step is not done well, it will cause unnecessary trouble and even serious results. Here are the precautions for power connection:

1. Input power supply voltage and frequency confirmation. At present, the power supply of voltage in China is: the oil output of the oil return pipe of the AC 380 oil delivery valve is discontinuous or fluctuating V; Single phase 220V. Domestic machine tools generally use three-phase 380V, 50Hz power supply, while some imported machine tools do not use three-phase 380V AC, 50Hz power supply, and these machine tools are equipped with power transformers, users can respond to the choice according to requirements. The next step is to reflect on the ups and downs of the power supply, whether the glass tube level gauge can meet the requirements of the machine tool, and beg for the large-scale shaking of the machine tool adjacent to the machine tool that can not affect the power supply and power supply, If the voltage fluctuates too much or there is large equipment, an unstable device should be installed Because the power supply is unshakeable, electrical disturbance will occur, which will affect the invariance of the machine tool

2. Confirm the phase sequence of the power supply. When the phase sequence is connected incorrectly, the fuse of the control unit can be blown. The method of reflecting the phase sequence is relatively simple. Use the phase sequence to connect the following figure for measurement. When the phase sequence table is rotated clockwise, the phase sequence is accurate, otherwise the phase sequence is wrong, at this time, it is only necessary to exchange any two power lines in the UVW three phases

source: Shanghai Meiyu automatic control equipment Co., Ltd

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