With museums shuttered, Paris churches are well wo

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With museums shuttered, Paris churches are 'well worth a mass' - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

If the French capital is “well worth a mass”, as King Henri IV supposedly once said, so are its myriad churches stacked with overlooked treasures – all the more so in the bleak age of Covid.

Had le bon roi Henri lived in present times, he may well have decided Paris was worth a miss.

With the city’s cherished museums, theatresThe mostly young crowd danced to music from loudspeakers, cinemas and concert halls all desperately shut, and a “not-even-in-wartime” 6pm curfew in place, it’s currently all work and no play for most Parisians, holed up in cramped and ludicrously expensive dwellings.

MercifullyThe variant of concern that launched Wave 3 after starting to become dominant in January., the capital’s?nearly 200 churches and chapels are still opencan operate at 50 per cent capacity., giving city dwellers starved of culture a good reason to discover some of their hidden treasures – assuming they have a few minutes to spare before the 6pm gong.?

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