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With the sharp rise in raw materials, the rising price tide has also exploded in the kitchen electric industry. For this, industry experts pointed out that this is not only a sharp rise in prices, but also the beginning of a real business revolution. In fact, the rise in the price of kitchen appliances this year is more due to the structural adjustment caused by the penetration of the Internet and the change in the concept of end consumption

with more and more post-80s and post-90s people becoming the main force of consumption, the younger generation of consumers have higher requirements for household appliances, including kitchen appliances: more trust in big brands, advocate design and personalization, pursue simplification of operation and diversification of functions, etc. The diversification of consumer demand naturally requires kitchen electric enterprises to spend more costs to research and develop, design and manufacture, and launch new products to meet consumer needs

the momentum is not reduced. Cohen appliance leads the quality revolution in the kitchen electricity industry, and Cohen appliance leads the quality revolution in the kitchen electricity industry " Since this year, Cohen Electric has launched new products more vigorously than before. Taking range hood products as an example, following the launch of side smoking range hoods such as "executive chef series" and "machine king 9011", Cohen has released the European style range hood t55 equipped with intelligent frequency conversion and automatic pressurization function on the basis of paying attention to high suction, integrating more intelligent concepts. The stove products have successfully launched the double flame direct injection gas stove "holy fire" kn91 and the D18 integrated stove with unique firewall function; The water series products have added jsq12-kn26 with intelligent segmented heat burning, safe and clean integrated waterway plate water purifier and instant drinking pipeline machine, etc., which can fully meet the product needs of users

in addition to increasing the added value of products, Cohen electric also invested heavily in improving the brand power of the enterprise. The successive broadcasting of CCTV subway advertisements, the comprehensive promotion of ground advertisements, the establishment of Cohen business school, the launch of the national business education conference, etc. all show that Cohen has already had a high brand awareness and perfect channel construction for its own brand. On this basis, The rise in product prices is entirely a virtuous cycle

in the face of the sudden price rise, for Cohen, the sales volume continued to surge. Driven by a large number of dealers picking up goods and nationwide promotion, Cohen achieved adverse growth, overwhelming orders, frequent good results, and the company's three major performance indicators of sales, production, and delivery all hit new highs over the years. In the workshop of the production base, the flow production line operates at full capacity, the workers of the whole line work overtime, and the single shift output record is frequently refreshed; Outside the workshop, on the all-weather delivery platform, forklifts and personnel flow in an endless stream. In order to ensure the delivery of goods as soon as possible, the logistics department consciously gives up the rest time, and the employees cooperate tacitly, work together, and work overtime. At the same time, the production department actively achieves the synchronous delivery and loading of products offline, striving to deliver the goods required by the dealers in the shortest time, and sounding the year-end sales rush

Yu Feng, general manager of Cohen appliances, said: the rising price tide has accelerated the clearance of fake and inferior products, which means that China's kitchen electricity market will really move towards the beginning of the era of quality. The rising price is the confidence of its own products, the determination of its brand, and the persistence of continuous investment in research and development. We will continue to lead the upgrading of products and brand image, unswervingly implement the concept of "quality", and enrich the lineup and level of high-end products. Expand its own scale and become the benchmark of the kitchen electricity industry





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