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Power terminal, sharing and win-win - Cohen Electric Co., Ltd., Guangdong, Guangxi and Guizhou provinces are about to launch an all-round battle

power terminal, to create a sustainable profit system for dealers and a win-win enterprise. Cohen electrical business school has built a national tour provincial linkage mode with a "nanny" landing assistance mode. With large troops and investment, the business education team came to the scene for 20 days of practical assistance, linked the dealers in the province to integrate strategies, laid out terminals, formulated tactics for all regions, quickly concentrated all effective resources, unified will and unified action, and created a new pattern in which manufacturers work together and win-win market

in 2016, Cohen appliances followed the market pace and walked out of the new marketing mode of "provincial linkage" in the industry. So far, five provincial linkages have been perfectly implemented, winning every battle and achieving good results. The success of the provincial linkage cannot be achieved without the strong cooperation and support of local dealers. In the massive campaign, dealers in all provinces and cities fully demonstrated their positive and rapid response ability and firm and efficient execution. Team training and omni channel water storage will be deeply and effectively penetrated into every department, every employee and every detail. The best resource allocation has been effectively integrated, the comparative advantages in the region have been brought into full play, and a diversified promotion trend has been generated, which truly improves the team in the battle and grows together with the team

this time, the Cohen electrical appliance business group will embark on a new journey and launch a full-scale battle in the three provinces of "Guangdong, Guangxi and Guizhou" in April. Wu Junping, a Liuzhou dealer, was extremely excited when he heard the news, He said, "I have joined Cohen since the early days of its establishment. Over the years, I have witnessed the company's step-by-step growth. With the development of the company, I have also upgraded from the then mom and pop store to the image store with the current scale of 200 square meters, and have my own distributor and sales team. Since Cohen headquarters launched the national provincial linkage of" cultivating business and strengthening business "last year, I have seen the fruitful results of dealers in other regions, Our Liuzhou Cohen team has made all preparations for the long-awaited three provincial linkage. We believe that under the leadership of the business education team, the three provincial linkage will achieve amazing sales results. I believe we can do it! " On April 10, we will see each other in Liuzhou, Guangxi




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