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[Yihe doors and windows] in recent years, it can be said to usher in another underestimated period of sunshine real estate development. In addition to the giant enterprises that have a long-term vision and always maintain a rational view of the future, most of the sunshine house franchise enterprises are either in trouble or have sought to change careers. In fact, the development of the industry, like stocks, must have ups and downs. Therefore, sunshine room franchise enterprises need to take a long view, do not affect the goal of progress because of the temporary downturn, and calmly look at the development of the situation

avoid blind expansion

in the current downturn of the industry, for sunshine room franchise enterprises, avoid blind expansion by all means. We must fully analyze the current market situation, formulate timely development plans, and seek more favorable win-win development with dealers and other partners. At the same time, sunshine room franchise enterprises can also explore some offline cities, but they need to make thorough preparation, analysis and investigation. Finally, the franchise enterprises of sunshine house need to be in the period of low prospects, but as long as they are prepared enough and make steady progress, they will surely make a smooth transition

attach importance to personnel mobility

as we all know, the majority of sunshine housing franchise enterprises are facing great pressure at present. Whether it is the rise of materials or the flow of personnel, it has gradually reduced the advantages of sunshine housing franchise enterprises. And the greatest impact is not on personnel mobility; Personnel are talents. The loss of talents is not only a problem of internal operation of enterprises, but also a far-reaching impact on development goals. Therefore, sunshine room franchise enterprises should do a good job in humanized management and welfare system to prevent the decline of competitiveness in the trough period

in a word, no matter what difficulties and obstacles sunshine housing franchise enterprises encounter, don't be discouraged or rash in the new year. As long as we develop cautiously, operate carefully, and actively formulate comprehensive measures to deal with it, we can get out of the downturn and usher in a new situation

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