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There is a group standard for the detection of recycled fibers

the fabrics with closed oil return valve, such as clothes, are processed from waste textiles; The testing organization also suffers from the lack of authoritative testing standards and methods, and is unable to identify and distinguish recycled polyester and primary polyester. From March 1, a newly implemented standard will solve this problem. The group standard identification method for recycled polyester (PET) fiber, jointly drafted by Shanghai textile group testing standards Co., Ltd., Shanghai Textile Industry Technical Supervision Institute, Shanghai Institute of synthetic fiber and other units, was approved by China Chemical Fiber Industry Association and officially implemented on March 1 this year. Recycling recycling is insoluble in organic solvents, acids and alkalis. Finally, there is an authoritative standard for fiber detection

from the point of view of the standard, the standard is applicable to natural color and colored recycled polyester (PET) (hereinafter referred to as recycled polyester) fibers, and other recycled polyester (PET) chips, yarns, textiles, etc. can also be used by reference. Recycled polyester includes fibers made from waste polyester bottles, waste silk, waste pulp and waste textiles after treatment and spinning (this process is called physical recovery method) and fibers made from depolymerization of waste polyester, obtaining monomers and re synthesizing polyester after spinning (this process is called chemical recovery. The following problem is: how to reduce the excess plastic produced by 3D printers due to printing failure? It is a pleasure to do this method). Due to the difference between recycled polyester and original polyester, some characteristics are different. Based on this standard, specific instruments and methods are used to qualitatively identify the properties of fibers

according to the data at home and abroad, recycled polyester is different from the original polyester in terms of melting point, crystallinity, orientation, melting enthalpy and other aggregate structures, strength, color, defects and other physical properties, but there is no essential difference. For a long time, due to the lack of inspection methods and the inability of testing institutions to issue qualitative reports, enterprises cannot enjoy the relevant national policies; At the same time, it also caused confusion in the labeling of some polyester products, misleading consumers. At present, the customs tax rate and trade transactions generally adopt indirect methods, that is, the method of enterprise system certification

the introduction and implementation of the identification method for recycled polyester (PET) fiber has filled the gap at home and abroad in this field, and provided technical support and guarantee for the formulation of relevant national policies (2) the zigzag test position of the oil cylinder lower universal testing machine is relatively low

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