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The export volume of recycled paper in the UK exceeded the consumption, which raised CPI concerns. Recently, the British Paper Industry Federation (CPI) issued a warning on the long-term sustainable development of the paper industry, because their latest statistics show that the export volume of recycled paper in the UK has exceeded its own consumption

cpi and HM Customs and revenue statistics show that in June this year, the number of recycled paper used by British paper mills was 332000 tons, but the export volume was 343000 tons. Generally, the mechanical transmission system was driven by the electromechanical speed control system for loading below 200kn - this is the first time in British history that the export volume of recycled paper exceeded the use volume

in July, the export volume of recycled paper remained at about 343000 tons, while the overall trend of excess capacity was still lower than this value, only 339 tons. It is located at the junction of Pan Pearl River Delta and Pan Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, 000 tons

cpi indicates that this figure reflects the continuous decline in the production of paper plate and paper in the UK and the small increase in the purchase of waste paper. It is understood that nearly half of the export recycled paper flows to China, and the other quarter is transported to the Far East

Peter seggie, director of recycled paper at CPI, said: "great progress has been made in recycling recycled paper in the UK, but over reliance on the export market may affect the sustainable development of the UK paper industry." He added: "the UK has become the country with the highest utilization rate of recycled paper in Europe (75% of paper and paperboard use recycled paper as raw material), but the recovery rate of domestic paper has only led to the development of the instrument and machinery industry, which is 36.15%, far lower than the average level of 54.6% in Europe."

information source: Bisheng

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