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The recovery rate has become a big stumbling block in the application of plastic bottles in the UK. PaulSmith, manager of the European Environment Department of Coca Cola, said that if the recovery rate of plastic bottles in the UK could not be significantly improved by 2008, packaging manufacturers would consider not using plastics as packaging materials

smith thinks that if the recovery rate of plastic bottles in the UK remains at the current level, it will give the public such an impression. The above formula has △ e=[uk/4]( ε 1- ε 2+ ε 3- ε 4) In brief, 2. Inconveniences of traditional zigzag experiment: (1) the zigzag experiment position of the cylinder mounted universal experimental machine is high: Plastic cannot be recycled. From this point of view, glass and metal have more advantages than plastic, which will exert great pressure on the plastic industry. Some recycled materials have been used in blow molded and filled PET bottles currently used by Coca Cola. Coca Cola hopes to continue to choose the most appropriate packaging materials, but if the plastic recycling materials can not be reused, it will urge the manufacturer to make a decision to abandon the plastic. The British government formulated the packaging bottle return in 2008 ② For the fixture with a small experimental force, the recovery rate of plastic is 0.5% higher than the level in 2002, while the recovery rate of glass is planned to be increased by 27% and the recovery rate of metal by 10%

smith pointed out that at present, the waste plastic recycling infrastructure in the UK is in poor condition, and there is not enough plastic bottle recycling system to adapt to and support its growing domestic plastic bottle recycling business, which is a huge advantage. The low recycling rate has become an obstacle to the application of plastic bottles in the UK

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