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Recycling: promote the harmonious development of plastic packaging materials and the environment (VI)

5.3 waste plastics are used for heat recovery

the calorific value of waste plastics is as high as 8000~9000kcal/kg, which is higher than that of coal and slightly lower than that of specific gravity oil. Therefore, waste plastics are used for blast furnace injection to replace coal, oil and coke at home and abroad, for cement rotary kilns to replace coal, and for making waste solid fuel (RDF) for power generation and cement burning, which has achieved good results

⑴ Germany has a good effect of using blast furnace to treat waste plastics, which is being popularized. First, after more than one year of tests, Bremen iron and steel officially built a device for injecting 70kt/a waste plastic particles into the blast furnace with the approval of the government, which can replace 70KT of heavy oil every year. This income alone can recover the investment in about two years. In addition, the cost of recycling and producing waste plastic particles is only 1/2 of the landfill treatment fee, so it has good energy-saving effect and social benefits. The development prospect of this technology makes people look forward to the fact that the composition of waste plastics is similar to that of oil and coal, but the chlorine content is high (Table 1). In order to prevent furan and dioxin pollution caused by chlorine, the plant not only controls the chlorine content of waste plastics by 2%, but also carries out strict testing. The result shows that the dioxin content is only 0.0001~0.005 μ G/m3, far lower than 0.1 of the discharge standard μ G/m3, so it was officially applied with the approval of the government

Table 1 Composition comparison of waste plastics, heavy oil and coal (unit:%)

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