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Under such circumstances,

the price of recycled waste paper will rise in the next few months.

at the European pulp and paper conference held by risi in nice, France, the president of risi told the delegates that according to the forecast, in the next few years, due to the soaring price of paper, the price of recycled waste paper is expected to rise in the second and third quarters. "In the United States, the price of waste paper has begun to rise," he said

The composition and working principle of the servo control system of the anchor chain tension testing machine the key factor for the rise in the price of waste paper is the increase in the output of paper and paperboard, and the corresponding increase in the consumption of waste paper; At the same time, in order to avoid the rising price of waste paper, users of waste paper have begun to gradually purchase and build warehouses in advance. However, the supply of waste paper is limited due to the long-term low price in the past. However, "the US municipal authorities have reduced the waste paper recycling plan due to financial urgency, because the cost of waste paper recycling is more expensive than that of waste paper burying", resulting in the reduction of waste paper supply

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