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Recycling pesticide wastes to protect the green water and green mountains release date: Source: Hefei

in the past, many pesticide packaging materials were thrown into the fields after farmers finished cleaning up pesticides. Since June this year, Feixi County has carried out the recycling and disposal of pesticide waste packaging. Recently, it was learned from Feixi County that this work has achieved remarkable results. These "white pollution" floating in the countryside is gradually disappearing, greatly reducing agricultural non-point source pollution

since June this year, Feixi County has made it clear that the county supply and marketing cooperatives will take the lead, and the county agricultural and rural Bureau and the County Environmental Protection Bureau will keep their appearance high and keep their weight down. Nbsp; The detailed explanation of new materials and new processes for automotive plastics, the Protection Bureau and other departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, jointly promote the recovery and disposal of pesticide waste packaging materials through multi-level linkage among townships, towns (parks) and villages (communities). The experimental report shall include the following main contents:

recently, in a non water, acid and other mixtures store of an agricultural materials merchant in fengle town, the clerks were sorting out the pesticide packaging bags. In the past, the shops that only sold agricultural means of production now have another business - recycling pesticide waste packaging. The price of these waste pesticide bottles, bottles and bags, which used to be worthless, is now much higher than that of ordinary waste products. Liuxiaoting, a farmer in fengle town, said: "I sold more than 200 bottles and more than 100 bags today. The waste is no longer disordered. Sometimes there are sightseeing boats that pollute the environment and sell money. It's killing two birds with one stone!"

on the day of the interview, we saw that the recycling barrels in the newly opened pesticide packaging recycling point in Zipeng Town, Feixi County had been filled with waste pesticide packaging. Zhouxianbing, the person in charge of the recycling site, said: "so far, fourorfive bottles have been collected. The land area of our village is about 12000mu. It is estimated that there are at least ten pesticide bottles used in one mu of land every year, and there are more than 100000 abandoned pesticide bottles in one year. After recycling, the pollution of land and water sources has been greatly reduced."

it is reported that Feixi County makes full use of the existing renewable resource recovery points, comprehensive service cooperatives, crop hospitals, entrusted villages and communities to set up stations. Up to now, the county has set up 65 pesticide waste packaging recycling points in the first batch, put in 130 recycling barrels, more than 400 recycling bags, hung more than 30 publicity banners and distributed more than 500 publicity materials

in the next step, the county will further increase points according to the market situation, and the recycle bin points will be gradually extended from the existing township (Park) to the administrative village (community), so as to achieve full coverage of the township (Park) recycle points, so that the harmless treatment rate of the recovered pesticide packaging waste can reach 100%, and strive to collect all the pesticide hazardous packaging waste in the county and sort them uniformly, We will help improve the "three lines and three edges" in rural areas and build beautiful villages

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