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An expert from the University of Miami believes that the decision of American International Paper Company (IP) to retain its high-end cultural paper department, including the Dayton Street factory in Hamilton, Ohio, is good news for the region and even the entire paper and forest products industry

Robert C. Peterson, a professor in the Department of paper science and engineering at the University of Miami, said, "I think this shows that the overproduction problem that led to the decline in prices is alleviated."

Peterson said that the above move of IP was made after other companies turned to highly manufactured paper as the production core

he said, "a lot of things happening in the industry can change your view of the high-end cultural paper business."

peterson said that IP may be seeking to change the operation mode of high-end cultural paper production line, so as to make it more powerful strategically

dayton st can gradually increase the dispensing pressure. Reet factory was originally owned by Beckett company. Peterson said, "this Beckett factory is a first-class paper manufacturer. It has been their unique technology for many years."

he said that the market of high-end cultural paper is a specialized market, "now the name of the game is called specialization." Factories that produce high-quality specialty paper are competitive and can make better profits. Although Peterson believes that IP's move shows that the situation of paper and forest product manufacturers has improved, he believes that it has not yet "escaped"

he said, "I think the negative factors in the paper industry have not been completely eliminated, but there are signs of positive changes. After all, everyone is still using paper."

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