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IP communication, linking China: the journey of yealink innovative communication experience set sail

ctiforum December 3 news (Yang Yi): on November 29, the world-renowned unified communication product and service provider, yealink, grandly launched IP communication, linking China innovative communication experience journey in Nanjing Greenland intercontinental hotel. The vivid explanation of industry knowledge, the original analysis of cutting-edge consulting, the sincere sharing of successful experience, the starry guest lineup and the exciting on-site lottery constitute the wonderful, rich and happy theme of Yilian innovation experience

as the world's top5 SIP Phone Provider, Yilian company has always been committed to letting more people enjoy the value and fun of IP communication. The Nanjing station of yealink's innovative communication experience is driven by this mission. In order to let guests have a better understanding of the magical world of IP communication, we also invited four top manufacturers with outstanding achievements in the industry, Alcatel lucent, Avaya, Genesys and Bentley, to jointly interpret a more wonderful world of IP communication with Yilian

the conference was announced to set sail in a passionate speech by Mr. huangzhiqian, sales director of Yilian China. After sending sincere welcome and greetings to the guests, president Huang Jingyao analyzed the good development trend of the domestic market in recent years, and made it clear that Yilian would make more efforts in market education and technical training by taking advantage of the IP trend of global communication, so as to add more impetus to the development of domestic IP communication. President Huang's speech was warmly welcomed by the guests, pushing the atmosphere of the venue to the first climax

then, Mr. Zhang Guochao, the channel director of Yilian China, and Mr. Hou Changcun, the product manager, analyzed the incomparable advantages of IP communication in saving communication costs and improving communication efficiency for enterprise users from the perspective of business and technology respectively. Mr. Zhang Guochao combined the deep culture of Yilian company and the five core advantages of products, and revealed to the guests how Yilian continuously created a compound annual growth rate of more than 80%. At the same time, combined with the fruitful achievements of Yilian China market in the past two years, it has passed on the belief and method of success to colleagues who are interested in IP communication. Mr. Hou Changcun considered the use of the environment and possible synergies, and vividly explained why IP communication will become the general trend of future communication through the simple description of IP communication. In particular, the speech "Yilian, taking you into the advanced chapter of IP communication" in the second half presented the rich applications of IP communication one by one in combination with Yilian products, which was highly praised. Many guests reported to the staff that many communication application scenarios mentioned by Mr. Hou Changcun had caused a lot of trouble to enterprise communication before. Now they know that IP communication can easily solve these problems, and they don't have to endure it silently anymore

As a huge industrial chain, IP communication needs the perfect combination of IP terminal manufacturers, IP PBX system providers and system integrators. In order to let the guests have a clearer understanding of IP communication, Yilian specially invited Mr. Xu Yu, the solution management manager of Alcatel lucent, Mr. He Shaoqing, the regional manager of Avaya small and medium-sized enterprises in China, and Mr. Huang Jinpeng, the development director of Genesys in China, to deliver keynote speeches entitled "Alcatel lucent open touch and sip ecosystem", "SIP quietly changes the voice world" and "making good use of SIP, changing as needed", It brings guests the world of IP communication in the eyes of system providers. In the speech, Mr. Xu Jian, Mr. He Shaoqing and Mr. Huang Jinpeng, three giants in the IP communication industry, also talked about the solutions jointly launched by Yilian, Alcatel lucent, Avaya and Genesys in the sub markets of operators, small and medium-sized enterprises and contact centers. They unanimously praised the leading position of Yilian in the field of IP communication terminals at home and abroad, and expressed admiration for Yilian's contribution to the realization of a virtuous cycle of resource utilization for the IP based domestic communication. Mr. Li Yongliang, general manager of Nanjing yongxun Technology Co., Ltd., general agent of Yilian company in Jiangsu Province, brought the "integrated intelligent office solution", which combined with the crystallization speed of other material layers and its own case, described how to use Yilian products to create value in different businesses, and set up a highly referential template for more friends who are interested in joining

at the end of the conference, there was an award ceremony for excellent agents and dealers and a lucky draw, and the atmosphere was pushed to a climax again. In just four hours, the guests not only gained a wealth of industry information and a broad communication platform, but also good luck and surprise, but also gained confidence in the bright future of IP communication. They all said that their trip was worthwhile. IP communication, the link China yealink innovative communication experience tour Nanjing station also came to an end temporarily in this atmosphere. The success of this conference also puts forward new requirements and incentives for Yilian. There will be some metal chips, and Yilian will continue to focus on the field of IP communication. In the spirit of excellence and supreme goodness, it will bring more surprises in the next communication journey, and work with you to create a better tomorrow of IP communication

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