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Inteflix Q2, the main supplier of iPad panels, crowded out CHENHONG

inteflix, a touch panel factory under Hon Hai group, won an apple ipadmini film touch panel fitting order at the end of last year, and the yield increased this year. Kaiji investment consulting analyst Guo Mingxuan predicted in the latest apple observation report that with the improvement of yield, inteflix (GIS) will replace f-tpk CHENHONG as the main supplier of ipadmini touch panels from the second quarter. Guo stipulated that the stress when the permanent residual plastic deformation is equal to 1 constant value (1 is generally 0.2% of the original length). Ming Pei pointed out that due to the improvement of the yield of GIS in GF2 bonding, considering that the new products ipad5 and ipadmini2 in the second half of the year will also adopt GF2 touch, the main supplier status of GIS iPad touch panel may continue

because ipadmini adopts GF2 touch technology, it is easier to fit than GG touch technology. In addition, GIS and Hon Hai assembly have the advantage of vertical integration. Therefore, if the yield of GIS is improved, the quotation will be more competitive in theory. In addition, in the second half of the year, the new product ipad5 is assembled by Hon Hai alone, ipadmini also has about 50% of the market share, and the sintering output of steel mills in some regions is limited, It also has advantages in expanding the supply share of iPad touch panel for GIS, and the legal person estimates that the share of GIS in ipadmini is expected to reach%. Therefore, it should be difficult for TPK CHENHONG to maintain its dominant position as a supplier of iPad touch panels as in the past

therefore, TPK CHENHONG began to carry out customer diversification strategy last year. Although the proportion of Apple rose to 45% in the first quarter of this year from 39% in the previous quarter, it is still much lower than the past 70% or more, and there is little chance of further sharp rise in the future. In the second half of the year, in addition to TPK CHENHONG's breakthrough in the development of China's plastic extruder Market and its new iPad products, legal persons pay attention to CHENHONG's replacement of relevant molds. They can also experiment with relevant materials according to the national standard gbt9753 (2) 007 "cupping experiment of paints and varnishes" and gbt15825 (2) 008 "formability and experimental methods of sheet metal". Another key point is the touch notebook computer. Legal person analysis, although Apple's orders have declined, However, CHENHONG should still have a certain proportion. If the shipment volume of touch notebook computers can grow smoothly, CHENHONG is expected to be able to penetrate this new revenue source and continue to grow

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