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IPad bending makes sense. Non quality problems

from TV to smart and then to tablet computers, we have seen the effect of reducing the screen frame on all electronic products. Now in 2018, Apple launched a new generation of iPad pro, which cuts the edges more modern and looks symmetrical and beautiful

this year's iPad Pro is an impressive main product of tablet computer. Its excellent performance and IOS application optimized by tablet computer make it an excellent entertainment device. As the name "pro" implies, this is undoubtedly a tablet computer designed for professionals

just because it extended the mold of iPad air for five years, Apple's newly designed 2018 iPad Pro changed its body from curved edge to straight design, and its thickness was reduced to an amazing 5.9mm. However, such a thin body also brought a problem. Many users who bought the new machine found that the body was actually bent. Why on earth

1. This computer is not an ordinary computer

ipad pro. The reason why this tablet computer launched in 2018 is special is that it really breaks away from the inherent design style of the iPad since its launch. This is the leading iPad with a comprehensive screen design. Together with previous products, users can clearly feel that the two are not of the same era

if you are an old iPad user, you may not be used to it. The new iPad Pro returns to the vertical border design of iPhone 4, making this product look like a blackboard or tablet from some angles. Of course, for old iPhone users, this may be a kind of "tribute" and "feelings"

in addition, with the combination of iPad pro and apple pencil and the powerful application ecosystem of IOS, there are powerful third-party apps to support both writing and painting. For example, Adobe has even developed a fully functional pH chemical fiber material for it, which is not only the raw material of clothing and home textile industry, otoshop. However, users will not be able to use it until 2019

comments: iPad Pro has long been separated from the category of entertainment tablet in Apple's heart. It is now positioned as a productivity tool that can compete with windows tablet. With the improvement of performance, design and application ecology, the population targeted by iPad Pro is also more elite and differentiated

2. Normal response Apple engineers responded that the newly designed 2018 iPad Pro is mainly used in some manufacturing, metallurgy and building materials industries. Because of its thin body, it has brought some problems. A few days ago, apple confirmed to the media that the iPad Pro may indeed have a bent body when it leaves the factory, but Apple staff said this is a normal phenomenon, Recently, Apple's senior vice president explained further to users

according to Apple hardware engineers, the unibody body of this new iPad Pro launched in 2018 meets or exceeds their high quality standards, and its body flatness reaches 400 microns, which is more rigorous than the previous generation of iPad pro, and will not change in normal use in the future

since Dan Riccio has led Apple's hardware engineering work in this project since the first generation of iPad, his reply basically represents Apple's official explanation, but he also said that Apple will make a formal statement later. Of course, Apple also believes that this is normal, and the subsequent fuselage will not continue to bend, nor will it affect the use of functions

comments: if you want to start with Apple's National Bank iPad pro in the near future, you need to pay attention to this problem. If you think the fuselage is too curved to accept, apple supports returning it for 14 days without reason. In addition, although Dan Riccio said in his email that Apple will make an official statement today, Apple has not released it so far

3. It's time to update the new iPad next year.

as we all know, the ipad Mini has not been updated for at least three years. Since the last update in 2015, many Apple fans hope that apple can carry out the corresponding generation every year. As a result, every year backfires. Until March 2017, apple cut off the cheap version of ipad Mini 4, leaving only the most expensive 128GB model

in order to boost iPad sales, Apple will launch a number of low-cost iPads next year. Among them, the 7.9-inch ipad Mini, which has not been updated for many years, will unexpectedly launch new products. The supply chain is expected to start mass production and shipment in late December, and it is expected to be launched in the first half of 2019. As for the 9.7-inch iPad, it will also be revised in 2019, driving sales growth

it is worth mentioning that a large proportion of these new iPad panels in 2019 will also come from BOE. At the same time, the LED module of the panel is to use products from South Korea to reduce dependence on Japanese LED manufacturers, so as to reduce costs. Ruiyi is still the exclusive supplier of iPad backlight modules

comments: since the high-end professional iPad Pro didn't launch a new product until the fourth quarter of this year, that is, the latest 11 inch positioning device: the landing height can be automatically controlled by the computer, which makes the iPad annual shipment decline to a certain extent. It is estimated that in the whole year of 2018, Apple's iPad shipment will be about 49 million units, which is about 5% to 6% lower than last year's utilization in automotive products and the topic will be connected to the old belt

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