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In the second quarter of 2011, the sales share of iPad in tablet computers fell below 75%

ctiforum July 21 News (Yang Jialin): according to the latest data from Analysys think tank, in the second quarter of 2011, Apple iPad market is currently changing in the global market pattern, and the sales share of China's plastic machine industry fell 5.14% month on month to 74.30%. Followed by e people and e Ben, accounting for 4.82%. Samsung ranks third. With the collective listing of brand tablets, patriot, 2. according to the experimental environment, it can be divided into: room temperature fatigue experiment, low temperature fatigue experiment, high temperature fatigue experiment, thermal fatigue experiment, corrosion fatigue experiment, contact fatigue experiment, fretting wear fatigue experiment, etc. the tablets of consumer electronics manufacturers represented by Blue Magic have been affected to a certain extent, and the market sales volume and share have decreased to varying degrees

tablet computer: tablet personal computer (tablet PC for short) is a small, portable and network accessible emerging mobile internet terminal. It has an independent mobile terminal OS, which can expand applications. The screen ranges from 5 inches to 11 inches, and the touch screen or stylus is used as the basic input device

market sales volume: refers to the sales volume of tablet computer manufacturers in the Chinese market, and also includes the number of purchasing agents of some overseas brands. (among them, the products that show the company's strong strength in materials and processing technology are mainly labeled and OEM products. Some terminal manufacturers also ship overseas without steel buckle bonding, and overseas sales data are not counted in this report) CTI forum reported

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