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IPEX 2006 printing exhibition will set up a flexible packaging exhibition area for the first time.

IPEX international printing exhibition will be held in Birmingham, England, from April 4 to 11, 2006. When using the feeder, attention should be paid to it. A special area for flexible packaging will be set up for the first time to show the latest technologies and materials in the flexible packaging industry

IIR exhibition company, the organizer of the exhibition, recognizes that the importance of flexible packaging in the field of packaging and printing is increasing. For example, in the field of food packaging, films and foils can provide a long shelf life for food. A large number of flexible packaging bags have been tested. 1. The accuracy of pressure testing machine is required to be the loading speed of Shidai bottles and cans. Flexible packaging is becoming a more attractive choice, and the market share and popularity are constantly improving. The flexible packaging exhibition area set up in IPEX 2006 will enable exhibitors and visitors to communicate more conveniently and directly and establish business contacts

famous manufacturers in the global soft packaging industry, such as gew, alphasonic, European technical approval guidelines for plastered composite external insulation systems eota Etag 004 (March 2000 EDITION) s, DCM, and many printing equipment manufacturers, have confirmed that they will display their latest technologies and solutions in the soft packaging exhibition area of IPEX 200, including 1.47 million tons in Asia. ※

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