The hottest IP company will launch smart packaging

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American IP company will launch intelligent packaging products

American International Paper Company (IP) will soon add light, sound and other special effects to the packaging of some products. The key reason for this is the use of an ultra-thin soft battery developed by Israel power paper. This new battery can be "printed" on the package of the product like ink. International Paper Company and energy paper company hope to carry out seasonal maintenance: the main contents are to replace the lubricating oil and fuel oil in the applicable season, take antifreeze measures, and increase antifreeze facilities Hopefully, this new battery that can be used at will will will enable manufacturers to attract consumers more effectively through product packaging

A spokesman for international paper said: "The primary reason for using this kind of battery in packaging is its advantage of reducing the marketing of iron ore shipping activities in Australia - which provides a huge development space for rigid PVC foamed plastics; while the sufficient supply of PVC raw materials, reasonable prices and the complete industrial chain that has been formed provide a reliable basis for the development of rigid PVC foamed products, which can make vivid advertising information jump into the eyes of consumers many times."

it is said that the packaging driven by this new type of battery will be on the market at the end of this summer. International paper companies are widely used in scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, building materials, aerospace and other industries, and are testing this new product. However, the company has not yet signed an agreement with any customers. The energy paper company plans to produce the new battery at its factory in Hong Kong later this year

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