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Ipf2021: from computing to intelligent computing, Inspur focuses on the integration and upgrading of multiple computing forces. On April 2, the theme is intelligent computing to the new 2021 Inspur data center Partner Conference (ipf2021) was held in Suzhou, and more than 1000 distributors, ISV, Si and other partners attended the meeting. The conference focused on the new development pattern and industrial changes in the first year of the 14th five year plan, and carried out in-depth discussions around Inspur smart computing strategy, expert trend insight and cutting-edge technology practice. Inspur believes that computing is accelerating the transformation to intelligent computing, and the computing industry needs to build a new development pattern. The integration of multiple computing forces has become the key to provide infrastructure support for social innovation by promoting the infrastructure of computing power supply

innovation driven co construction of a new pattern of computing

smart computing is accelerating the change of the world

smart era, smart scenes bloom, covering the first, second, third. 4. Intelligent transformation of industries with increased use of experimental fixtures in special industries, such as unmanned farms, intelligent quality inspection, intelligent transportation and other aspects of production and life. The global digital transformation has entered the stage of multiplication and innovation, and the proportion of digital economy in various countries will continue to increase. The 14th five year plan and the long-term goal of 2035 propose to accelerate digital development, and the proportion of digital economy in GDP will rise from 7.8% to 10% in the next five years

intelligent scenarios put forward a huge demand for computing power. IDC data shows that in 2020, the scale of China's AI server market reached US $3.196 billion, accounting for 87% of the AI infrastructure hardware market. The data intuitively reflects the importance of computing power in the whole industry. Computing power is an important factor for the sustainable development of digital technology and the core productivity in the era of digital economy. Smart computing will provide momentum for the development of digital economy, and digital economy will also promote the popularization of smart computing power and technological upgrading

Yang Xueshan, Professor of Peking University and former Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said at the meeting that the development of information technology and industry should be viewed from a systematic perspective, which is the core of the digital economy. With system innovation as the main body, realize the deep integration of information technology industry and real economy, and establish a strategic consortium of technology, products, innovation and application centered on dual carriers

from computing to intelligent computing, the industry has ushered in a new pattern

the computing industry has ushered in a new pattern

Academician Wang Endong, executive president and chief scientist of Inspur Group, pointed out that in 2020, the total computing power delivered by AI acceleration chips represented by GPU has exceeded that of general-purpose CPU, and intelligent computing has become the core statistical power in the era of wisdom. Facing the exponential growth of computing demand, computing technology, products and industries are also facing new challenges. First, the challenges of diversification, that is, the complexity of computing scenarios and the diversity of computing architecture; The second is the huge challenge, that is, the challenge to the existing computer architecture caused by huge models, huge data, huge computing power and huge applications; The third is the challenge of ecology. Intelligent computing is in the stage of combination, self-contained and ecological dispersion, and the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain are obviously disconnected. Wangendong said that the booming demand for intelligent computing has brought huge opportunities, and the challenges and difficulties of diversification, voluminousness and ecology need to be solved urgently. Computing technology and industry need to build a new development pattern, accelerate the transformation from computing to intelligent computing, and the integration of multiple computing forces is the key. By promoting the infrastructure of computing power supply, it provides infrastructure support for social innovation

around the new pattern of the industry, the wave of fiscal 2021 will comprehensively layout metabrain, starting from the four dimensions of innovating smart computing system structure, building smart computing product system, promoting the landing of Smart Computing Center, and building metabrain industrial chain ecology. It will continue to innovate in technology, products, solutions, and ecology, solve the multiple challenges faced by smart transformation, and promote smart computing to become the core engine of smart evolution. At the same time, Inspur upgraded metabrain ecosystem 2.0 and built a new smart computing partnership with the concept of partnership

layout yuannao wave released a series of smart computing new products

Foundation Building Innovation smart computing Youdao

Peng Zhen, President of Inspur information, believes that the key to the diversified development of computing power is the integration of multiple computing power. We must break the traditional architecture design and fundamentally solve the problems of incompatibility and low efficiency caused by multiple architectures. To this end, Inspur proposes an innovative meta brain architecture to achieve efficient aggregation and on-demand definition of multiple computing forces. Inspur innovative meta brain architecture realizes flexible reconfiguration by controlling the separation of computing, realizes multiple high-efficiency through heterogeneous resource pooling, breaks through the storage wall through the combination of computing data, and can be expanded through high-speed interconnection. At the same time, the application intelligence perception and resource on-demand combination are realized through software definition, so that the underlying resources can be defined on-demand with the upper application

at the meeting, Inspur launched new products of metabrain product system, the most efficient video AI accelerator m10a, the AI server Yangtze River jointly built with the Cambrian, the super performance AI server nf5488, the industry's first intelligent computing operating system metabrain OS, the most powerful fully programmable smart card n20x, edge computing micro server eis800, etc

m10a is the first product in the industry to realize 16 channel 1080p video processing acceleration at 8W power consumption

the Yangtze River is based on the wave leading AI server architecture and integrates the Cambrian MLU link multi-core high-speed interconnection technology. The peak computing performance is up to 4096tops, and the interconnection bandwidth between cards can reach more than 9 times the communication speed of the latest PCIe 4.0, meeting the training needs of super large AI models

Inspur nf5488 supports eight nvlink high-speed interconnected A100 GPUs in a 4U space, and once broke 19 World Records in the world's authoritative mlperf benchmark test, with the highest performance in the world

yuannao OS integrates multiple computing power, cloud edge digital intelligence, heterogeneous multi cloud, and realizes a set of platforms to provide virtualization, cloud native, big data, AI services, and accelerate the transformation of customer digital intelligence

n20x smart card realizes the hardware unloading of infrastructure functions, releases 30% of CPU computing power, data forwarding performance 100mpps and delay less than 3 microseconds, and the overall performance is improved by more than 6 times

the edge computing micro server eis800 is suitable for smart retail, smart manufacturing, smart medicine, vehicle road coordination, smart logistics and other scenarios, and can cover the needs of 0.5t~100t different scenarios. It is flexible, compact and has strong environmental adaptability

landing the intelligent computing center and promoting the infrastructure of computing power supply will become an important part of the wave's innovative computing power supply model. By reducing the cost of computing power, smart computing center provides key infrastructure support for various innovative enterprises and applications, accelerates the formation of regional industrial innovation clusters, and then promotes high-quality economic development. Technology is also constantly improving. Shan Zhiguang, director of the informatization and Industrial Development Department of the National Information Center, said at the meeting that China's digital economy is still in the initial stage of expansion. The Intelligent Computing Center is not a simple upgrade of the traditional data center and Computing Center, but a key public computing infrastructure for building a smart society and smart economy in the future. It is the starting point for the development of a new generation of intelligent technology and smart industry, as well as the refinement of the computing supply model Paradigm Innovation of algorithm intelligence, scene universality and capacity infrastructure

in addition, as a high-end high-value series of Inspur server family, Inspur K1 power has also attracted much attention. K1 power is oriented to key core applications and has the characteristics of high reliability, high performance, high security and strong data consistency. It is not only the best platform for the centralized commercial database of the core system, but also the preferred platform for the ideal distributed database and open source database

strengthening the wave of ecological convergence and upgrading metabrain ecology 2.0

the arrival of a new pattern from computing to intelligent computing industry will inevitably lead to the reconstruction of ecology. Inspur announced on ipf2021 that it would upgrade metabrain ecosystem 2.0, put forward the ecological proposition of being a smart computing partner through various signal processing, and released a new metabrain ecosystem platform aistore to accelerate ecological convergence and meet the challenge of ecological discretization

Mao Bailin, general manager of Inspur information channel promotion department, said that Inspur will efficiently aggregate industrial forces through metabrain ecosystem 2.0, uphold the concept of partners, jointly build and share the metabrain ecosystem platform aistore with partners, promote the integration and landing of Intelligent Computing innovation technology, scene application and delivery services, provide a platform for innovators to grow, provide partners with an open and easy-to-use business development platform, and create greater value for customers

aggregate industry intelligence as smart computing partner

smart computing partner is a dreamer in the era of smart computing, a community of interests that embraces the smart future, and enables high-quality business development through innovation; Realize complementary advantages through resource opening and contribution; By forming strategic alliances, we can achieve win-win values for partners and customers

the new metabrain ecological platform aistore will become an aggregator and incubator of metabrain partner capabilities. On the one hand, aistore aggregates the high-quality technologies and products of left-hand partners such as chip and algorithm companies, and rapidly promotes the industry implementation and replication of various smart scene solutions through the strong solutions and channel capabilities of right-hand partners such as ISV, Si, distributors, etc; On the other hand, the ability integration between partners will help incubate more intelligent solutions for multiple composite scenes and accelerate the process of AI full scene integration

in 2020, Inspur channel developed rapidly, and the scale of partners reached 15000+, with a year-on-year increase of 66%. The number of ISV partners in the industry increased by 2200+, and 90% of the top 100 solution providers and more than 85% of the top 100 AI companies chose to cooperate with Inspur; The distribution business has made a very brilliant performance in the development of market segments. The enterprise market has increased by more than 60%, and the medical market has increased by more than 45%. Metabrain ecological partners have successfully joined hands and applied in smart finance, smart city, smart transportation, smart energy and other fields

as the initiator of smart computing, the leader of smart computing industry and the provider of smart computing power, Inspur firmly promotes the rapid growth of business through smart computing strategy. IDC data shows that Inspur server ranked the top three in the world in 2020, the first in China and the first in the world in terms of growth rate; Inspur AI server ranked first in the world in the first half of 2020, with a market share of 16.4%, and its market share exceeded 50% in the Chinese market for four consecutive years; Inspur storage ranked second in China in terms of sales volume and growth rate in 2020, and was shortlisted in the magic quadrant of Gartner's main storage, achieving a leap to the challenger. In the future, Inspur will continue to deepen the smart computing strategy, as an endogenous driving force for the acceleration of industrial reform and social innovation, to support the rapid development of the digital economy and promote the development of the new era

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