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Mattel paint resin highlights sustainable development

Mattel paint resin highlights sustainable development

September 17, 2013

[China paint information] Mattel Thailand new paint resin factory highlights sustainable development. Based on the purpose that the construction of maitu chemical company will have the least impact on the surrounding areas, the company recently announced that its new plant has been successfully launched in chunburi Province, Thailand. The plant aims to achieve sustainable production, significantly increasing the company's ability to produce acrylic resin and provide local customers with the function of electronic universal testing machine for rubber static stiffness: service. "The engineering design enhances energy storage through efficient heating and cooling systems," said Julia harp, senior vice president of metu specialty chemicals. Improved automation and the use of the latest technology enable us to ensure consistent product quality and achieve emission levels that comply with regulatory regulations. "

located on the land of pinthong Industrial Park purchased by the company, the factory produces different kinds of acrylic resins, which are mainly used in coatings, adhesives, construction and construction industries of TXV aviation composites, a joint venture of Victrex and tri Mack. To commemorate the successful launch of the facility, MSC leaders will invite customers and special guests to celebrate from September 10 to 11. The manufacturing design and operation of chunwuli factory are in line with the original intention of the company's overall sustainable development. These measures have formed a comprehensive business form, and through the negative management of assets, products and the environment and abiding by the society, they have created the value of long-term shareholders whose indicators are better than the design demand

maitu recently announced the release of its latest sustainable development report, entitled "sustainable development: a top-down approach." The report provides expanded indicators related to environmental and safety performance, and updates some ongoing sustainability initiatives. For example, since 2010, the total greenhouse gas emissions of maitu high tech materials (MPM) and MSC have been reduced by 6%. In addition, in the past six years, the performance of MPM and MSc in total occupational disease and injury rates has significantly improved due to the 66.9% decline in injury rates

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