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Mairui photoelectric HD LED display helps Nanping smart city construction

nowadays, smart city is a new urban model in the future, including smart public services, smart government city integrated management and operation platform, traffic command and other application projects; Among them, LED display screen, as a terminal display of various information, plays a vital role in the system operation of smart city

recently, Mairui optoelectronics, with its excellent comprehensive strength of software and hardware, has settled in Nanping Telecom Bureau with a small spacing utv1.56 high-definition LED display, helping to build a smart city in Nanping

high definition display

Mairui photoelectric utv1.56 has no visual gap interference, and has the characteristics of low reflection, high contrast and high uniformity. The display screen is coherent and complete, with clear layers, and 281trillion ultra-high colors, presenting an excellent high-definition visual sense

efficient and convenient

16:9 standard design ratio, convenient splicing; The box adopts front maintenance design and modular maintenance. When the module fails, use (magnetic suction) tools to disassemble and repair the faulty module from the front or replace spare parts, which greatly improves the maintenance efficiency of the product. This product fully meets the requirements of customers

stable and smooth

if nanosecond level is adopted, every enterprise will have a clear evaluation response display technology for its own composite material ability. The frame changing speed is super fast, and there is no tailing and ghosting superposition when processing fast dynamic pictures. The display image is coherent and clear, which has leading technical advantages in the field of command and scheduling and video monitoring

excellent heat dissipation

using high-performance heat-conducting aluminum profile as the main structure, and chips with higher luminous efficiency, optimize the internal circuit layout, reduce the internal space of the box, expand the heat dissipation channel of relevant data display, ensure that the heat is transmitted faster, quiet and efficient heat dissipation, and the operation of the display screen is more stable

high efficiency and energy saving

power supply has the characteristics of high conversion rate and low consumption considering the serious redundancy of the real estate industry. PFC function power supply is adopted to reduce heating, effectively improve power conversion rate, automatically adjust brightness, and greatly improve the energy-saving effect of the screen

in recent years, with the sudden emergence of small spacing LED screens, they have made great achievements in the application fields of security monitoring, command and scheduling, transportation and so on, which undoubtedly has played a significant role in promoting the construction of smart cities. In the future, with the further promotion of smart city construction, the market of high-definition LED screens will be broader

source: Mairui Optoelectronics

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