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Maitu high tech materials group highlights a variety of new niax materials

at the puchina exhibition in Nanjing, China on September 10-12, 2013, maitu high tech materials group will release a series of newly developed niax* silicone oils, catalysts and process additives. Niax* additives have a wide range of applications, which can be applied to household appliances such as insulation materials such as refrigerators and freezers, automotive interior materials such as car seats and instrument panels, furniture and bedding materials such as mattresses and pillows, Carpet backing and electronic materials, thermal insulation building materials, and sports equipment, etc

automobile: niax molding foam additive can effectively reduce the VOC and atomization value of seat foam, help reduce the density of foam, improve the production efficiency of foam, and help realize convenient switching between TDI and MDI technology

niax silicone oil l-3639 (1) can be used in various MDI molding foam formulas. Compared with some standard conventional products, l-3639 can provide extremely low siloxane emission. In addition, l-3639 can provide a wide formula tolerance and help foam products obtain excellent physical properties

niax catalyst ef-150 (2) is a nonvolatile delayed foaming catalyst used for molding foam. It can effectively delay the early reaction speed of high rebound foam, improve the fluidity of foam in the mold, effectively reduce the pore breaking force of foam (foam is more open), and help reduce the corner waste in production. Compared with traditional catalysts, niax catalyst ef-150 can also increase the final hardness of molded products

furniture and mattresses: niax soft foam additive can effectively improve the elasticity, durability and support of foam

niax catalyst ef-350 is a low volatile equilibrium tertiary amine catalyst for block soft foam. Compared with traditional tertiary amine catalysts, ef-350 can provide a wider formula tolerance. Ef-350 can significantly reduce the volatilization of foam. In addition, ef-350 can help reduce the volatilization of 2-ethylhexanoic acid in foam

niax silicone oil l-2118 can be used in TDI "furniture mechanical property experiment" standard content with a new supplement or tdi/mdi system block high rebound foam. Compared with conventional varieties and it moves at a constant speed, niaxl-2118 can significantly reduce the bottom cavity of block high rebound foam, improve the density gradient of block high rebound foam, and obtain a more uniform bubble structure

carpet backing and Electronics: niax special foaming foam additive can be used in applications with special requirements, especially in carpet backing materials and electronic products

Compared with traditional mechanical foamed foam catalyst, niax catalyst lc-5630 can provide a long delay time in the process and effectively improve the fluidity of foam in the production process. In the process of heating and curing, the curing speed is faster and the mechanical properties of molded products are excellent. Lc-5630 is a heat sensitive catalyst for mechanical foam foam

household appliances and building insulation: niax rigid foam additive can provide rigid foam manufacturers with a series of products with excellent performance to help customers improve the quality and performance of foam. In addition, niax additives can also help customers solve a series of process defects: silicone surfactants can help reduce voids and provide fine bubble structure; Adhesion promoter can improve the adhesion strength between foam and surface material; PIR foam skin curing agent can effectively promote skin curing, and other process aids that can reduce foam deformation and effectively help foam open pores

niax silicone oil y-16206 is a silicone oil used for building insulation panels, which can not only reduce cavities and have good system compatibility, but also help foam improve the flame retardant performance of foam and reach B2 or other flame retardant standards

niax silicone oil y-16130 can help produce low defect foam for high-end refrigerators, get fine and uniform bubbles, reduce K value and improve the thermal insulation performance of foam. It can be used in the mixed system of cyclopentane or hydrochlorofluorocarbon

since 1962, maitu high tech materials group (MPM) has launched a revolutionary silicone surfactant, and has continued to innovate in the field of polyurethane foaming technology to meet customers' special process technology and performance needs of foam products. Under the commitment of customer first for more than 50 years, maitu high tech materials group has continuously developed new products to meet the needs of customers in the polyurethane industry. So far, it has drawn a complete series of polyurethane additives of niax brand, such as silicone surfactants, catalysts and process aids

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