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Repair Yaskawa Motoman robot epl160 repair affordable speed is fast

repair Yaskawa Motoman robot epl160 repair affordable speed is fast

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repair Yaskawa Motoman robot epl160 repair affordable speed

hope Can you give your friends in choosing Mitsubishi servo's main hot selling experimental machines this year: Universal Experimental machines, pressure experimental machines, impact experimental machines, friction and wear experimental machines, tension experimental machines, these experimental machines have been highly praised by the majority of users this year, which is helpful when serving products! [note] there is no built-in regenerative resistor in mr-je-10a and mr-je-20a. When using single-phase ac200v~240v power supply, please connect the power supply to L1 and L3 without wiring L2. [note] for the specifications of the power supply, please refer to mr-je-a Figure 3. For adjustment by the manufacturer. Do not connect any wiring. [note] 0.3A is the value when all input and output signals are used. The current capacity can be reduced by reducing the number of input and output points. During compact installation, please use it under the conditions of ambient temperature 0 ℃ ~45 ℃ or actual load rate below 75%. Under the initial setting, instructions below 1mpps are supported. When inputting the command of 1mpps~4mpps, set the change on [13]. Do not connect the servo motor of the wrong axis to the U, V, W and cn2 of the servo amplifier, which may cause failure

do not directly provide test lead bar or similar tester to the contact needle of servo motor while wiring, which will deform the needle and cause poor product contact. The connection method between the servo amplifier and the servo motor will vary according to the series and capacity of the servo motor and whether there is an electromagnetic brake

(1) when grounding, connect the ground wire of the servo motor to the protective grounding (PE) terminal of the servo amplifier, and ground the ground wire of the servo amplifier through the protective terminal of the control cabinet

(2) the braking line of servo amplifier with electromagnetic brake shall be powered by special DC24V power supply

precautions for use

before installation, use, maintenance and inspection of servo amplifier, we must fully understand its technical data and instructions, as well as servo motor data set and auxiliary data, and use the product after having the correct use and understanding of the equipment. Wrong operation and use may cause machine failure and personal injury. Here are some conventional precautions for using servo amplifier

prevent electric shock

● when wiring and repairing the servo amplifier, it is necessary to disconnect the power supply first. After the charging indicator light is completely off, use a multimeter to confirm the voltage before wiring and repairing. Or by professional technicians. Avoid electric shock

● the servo amplifier and servo motor must be grounded properly

● the servo amplifier and servo motor must be installed before wiring to avoid electric shock

● do not damage the cable or forcibly pull the cable, and do not use the cable to hang heavy objects and squeeze the cable. When operating the switch, do not misuse wet hands to operate the switch, so as to avoid electric shock

prevent fire

● install the servo amplifier, servo motor and regenerative braking resistor by mistake with inflammables to avoid fire

● when the servo amplifier fails, the power supply should be cut off. If the large current continues to pass, it may cause a fire

● when using the regenerative braking resistor, if there is an abnormal signal, the power supply should be disconnected. Due to the failure of the regenerative braking transistor, the regenerative braking resistor may be abnormally heated and cause a fire

prevent product damage

● the input voltage of each terminal must comply with the provisions of the technical data set, otherwise it may lead to terminal rupture or damage, which may also lead to terminal rupture or damage. It is also necessary to avoid the errors of positive and negative polarity and link terminals, which may cause terminal rupture or damage

● within a period of time after the power supply is connected and disconnected, the heat sink of the servo amplifier The servo motor and regenerative braking resistor may have high temperature. Please touch it by hand here to avoid scalding

precautions for handling and installation

● servo motors and servo amplifiers are precision machines, so they must not fall or suffer strong impact during handling

● the specified distance shall be maintained between the servo amplifier and the inside of the control cabinet and other machines

● when handling and placing the machine, do not exceed the specified quantity and do not place heavy objects on the machine

● when installing the servo motor, it must be firmly fixed on the machine, otherwise it will get rid of blindness when the servo motor is running

● the servo motor with reducer must be installed in the specified direction to avoid oil leakage

● in order to protect the correct use of the shaft, apply an out of range load on the shaft of the servo motor by mistake, and do not knock the shaft of the servo motor, so as to avoid damage to the encoder and shaft

maintenance Yaskawa Motoman robot epl160 maintenance affordable and fast

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precautions for wiring

● whether it is for servo amplifier or servo motor, it must be ensured that it is correct and reliable when wiring. Incorrect wiring may cause the wrong operation of servo motor

● do not connect the servo motor directly to the AC power supply, otherwise it will cause failure

● on the output side of the servo amplifier, do not install power capacitors, surge absorbers and radio noise wavers between the servo motor and the servo amplifier (option fr BIF)

● the direction of the surge absorption diode installed on the output signal DC relay cannot be connected incorrectly, otherwise the emergency stop and other protection circuits may not work

precautions for commissioning and adjustment

● please adjust and correctly confirm the parameters before operation, otherwise unexpected conditions may occur during operation

● adjustment and change of parameters may cause instability of its operation

VII. Precautions for use

● the servo amplifier and servo motor must be used according to the specified combination, and the product must be modified by effectively regulating the degradation time and cycle of bioplastics

● when the servo amplifier interferes with the surrounding electronic equipment, the noise filter can be used to reduce the impact caused by electromagnetic interference

● the electromagnetic braking of servo motor is to control the shaft of the motor and cannot be used for normal braking. The electromagnetic brake will not work effectively due to aging and mechanical reasons (such as the occasion of connecting the ball screw and servo motor through the synchronous belt), so another safe shutdown device should be installed on the machine

● when the operation signal has been input, the alarm reset operation is carried out, and the servo amplifier may suddenly restart, so we can only carry out the alarm reset operation when we fully confirm that the operation signal has been removed, so as to avoid accidents

1. Signal definition of position transmission protocol

maintenance Yaskawa Motoman robot epl160 maintenance is affordable and fast

so the preset value is 3. The 2-bit data read in each time shall be processed during storage to restore its original defined data structure. See the following for detailed processing instructions. The above program is a transmission program compiled with Mitsubishi q series PLC as an example. Due to space limitations, we do not give the program in the form of ladder diagram, but in the form of statement table. In the above procedure, 9 is the transmission start signal and m214 is the transmission error flag. Y0-y2 are SV on, absm, ABSR signals, and x10-x12 are bitbittrd signals. D10 is the calculated checksum value, and D12 is the absolute position data output value. M120-m157 are intermediate flag bits for storing 38 bit transmission data, in which m120-m151 is used for position data and m152-m157 is used for checksum data. In this program, most instruction machines look solid as simple basic instructions. Only when reading data for processing, they use functional instructions such as wand (logical and), SF (shift), add (addition)

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