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Error in maintaining instrument data Nanjing air is "polluted"

yesterday afternoon, a friend posted a screenshot of China's "air pollution" software on it. At 16:00, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., the monitoring point of Nanjing Shanxi Road, is a company that operates experimental machines, experimental machines, hydraulic pressure experimental machines, electronic experimental machines, tension experimental machines, pressure experimental machines, impact experimental machines, material experimental machines, spring experimental machines, flow meters The PM10 index of comprehensive companies mainly equipped with mass flow meters was instantly abnormal, and soared from a good range to more than 500 heavy pollution in less than an hour. After reading it, many friends shouted, "what happened? The air quality in Nanjing has exploded." Then the official Weibo of the environmental protection department explained at the first time: after verification, yesterday, when the technicians were inspecting the site, they replaced the PM10 cutting head according to regulations, resulting in an instantaneous extremely high value. According to the regulations, this is an abnormal value, which is not included in the statistics and has been eliminated according to the specifications

experts said that Nanjing has experienced cooling and rainy weather in recent days, and the overall air quality is between excellent and good. Yesterday, the 24-hour air index released by Nanjing Environmental Monitoring Center showed that AP eventually led to the reordering of leading enterprises. The I index was 52, 0.12 ~ 0.14, close to excellent

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